Canada Startup visa

Start up visas are a pathway to citizenship

The citizenship and immigration Minister of Canada- Chris Alexander touted the success of start up visa program. The start up program will help entrepreneurs create economic growth in the country and in a variety of industries. Those who are successful applicants and their companies are based in Toronto, Halifax, Thunder Bay, Victoria and Vancouver can apply for this visa. Entrepreneurs would be granted permanent citizenship if their ventures are commercially successful. Prospective applications would require bringing financial backing for their idea.

Qualification process

Before you apply, you will be required to secure a commitment from a designated Canadian angel investor group or venture capital fund. The citizenship and immigration Canada has collaborated with Canada’s Venture Capital Equity Association. To apply for the Start up Visa, you can contact one of these organizations. Once you have committed, then you can apply to Citizenship and immigration Canada through the program. Canada is the best country in the G-20 with which to do business. Canada has the strongest fiscal position in the G-7 and is counted best among the fiscal prospects in the G-20.