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Why Study In Canada? A Complete Guide

Studying in Canada provides you with numerous opportunities.  It helps you broaden the horizons and choose a subject that can help you add extra income.  Canada is a popular choice for students to pursue their education.  Though there are many countries to choose from, but Canada is a popular choice where you can have a flourishing career.  Colleges and universities in Canada offer world class education. Canada has also been ranked in the Times Higher Education Supplement Top 200.  There are numerous benefits of studying in Canada, which are affordable tuition fees and opportunity to work while you are studying.

Canada has been ranked as one of the best places to live in the world by the UN. The studying courses in Canada help you learn a new language. The two languages which are prominent in Canada are- English and French.  Canada is also ranked among the best countries offering quality education to the students. It has been with no less than 12 Canadian Universities making into the Times Higher Education Supplement Top 200.  There are plenty of options to choose from universities, which are McGrill University, Mcmaster Univeristy, Queen’s University, University of Alberta, University of British Columbia, University of Calgary, University of Toronto, University of waterloo, New York University, etc.

Job Opportunities

It is not about league tables and awards, studying in Canada bring numerous opportunities, such as working in a beautiful country and opportunity to work in a diverse culture among friendly locals and low tuition fees.  Many students will also get an opportunity to make new friends and learn new skills.  Since the time is changing and there are numerous opportunities that may come along when you shift to Canada.  Another thing that makes Canada best for students is their opportunity to work part time.   Working as a part time during your studies will help you earn some cash, and will also add experience and skills to your CV.  You will be eligible to work after you graduate for a year.   For this, you would not require a work permit unless you have a valid study visa permit.

Tourist Attractions in Canada

If we talk in terms of geography, Canada lies above USA, which makes it a perfect destination to explore.  It is full of famous tourist attractions such as Niagara falls, Toronto Zoo, the beautiful Glacier national park, Banff national Park, Canadian Rockies, to name a few. Canada has everything to offer that you could want from life.  It contains a huge range of landscapes, massive mountains, green vegetation, snow capped hills, bustling metropolis and the choice is completely endless.  The two widely used languages of the Canada- English and French provides you an opportunity to work and reap benefits of competitive business world.

Cost of Living in Canada

The most crucial element that plays a vital role, when you are planning to study abroad is the cost. While you are studying in Canada, it will cost you great value in terms of living and tuition fees.  The estimate expenses for a living in Canada per month are CAN $400-800, which can be somewhat less or more.  If we talk about the course fees, it is estimated to be around CAN $6000 to CAN $17,500 per year for undergraduate courses and for graduate courses, it is estimated to be around CAN $ 6500 to CAN $33,000 per year.  You could also compare the data with the other countries, and you will find why Canada is a popular choice for studying.

Visa Requirements

Depending on the duration of the course that you have chosen, it will take around 3-4 years for undergraduate courses and 1+ year for the post graduate courses.   To seek admission in Canada, you will be required to apply in March for the September intake. Studying abroad in Canada is a big thing and requires plenty of thought and planning.  You would also require a visa once you have decided which road you want to take.  The visa that you will require will be a student visa, study visa and will require acceptance from your chosen Canadian university.  You will also need to show your application fee as evidence that you are able to cover yourself financially during the time.

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