Career in Hospitality Management in Canada

As per the latest details, the Canadian tourism government is believed to have generated $78 billion revenue and there are so signs of slowing it down.  With the substantial increase in the employment opportunities, the Resort and Hotel Management program has caused a dynamic rise in the industry.  According the data gathered in 2009 by Trends & Statistics Survey, more than 1.9 million people work in hospitality industry.  If you are looking for reasons, why have a career in hospitality industry, then there are many.   The hospitality industry is quite creative and you will find new ways how to make the food, drink and experience of the individuals enjoyable.  Since every country in the world has hospitality industry, therefore, the skills you will learn in the industry are easily transferable, which means you will have a flourishing career in the industry no matter which industry you are in.

 Another benefit of working in a hospitality industry is the mobility.   You can work in a number of great locations.  Let us suppose for an example that if you are travelling and want to experience a new location.  People who work in large hotel chains are generally transferred to different locations.  The jobs in hospitality sector usually have flexible hours, which means you can select a shift from morning, afternoon, evening or overnight hours.  This again may charm several people, but to others, it may again be annoying.

 The hotel management course will help you develop skills that are required to launch a flourishing career in the dynamic industry.  In this program, you will be taught the management of solid business, human resources, marketing skills and leadership to meet the challenges of the hospitality industry.  You will be made to gain confidence to organize and co-ordinate small parties, sporting events and signature black tie galas.

Benefits of Hotel Management Course

 The program of the hotel management would provide you hands on industry experience.  You will be paying special attention to the international hospitality industry.  You will also gain on-campus student training and work with the knowledgeable faculty that has relevant experience.  You will gain valuable knowledge that will reflect the most current practices used in the hospitality industry.

Career Opportunities in Hotel Management Industry 

Since the hospitality industry is rapidly growing, therefore the chances of growth are maximum here.   The basic services included in the hotel management industry are hotel, food services, tourism, event management as well as resort management.  The job opportunities and salaries are constantly increasing; therefore, it makes sense to build a career in the field.  In this program, you will be learning skills that will help you identify as an important part of the success.  Depending upon your area of interest and possible positions, you can reach to positions such as assistant restaurant manager, catering supervisor, front desk personnel, house-keeping and hotel facilities.   The starting salaries in the hospitality industry could be as low as $23,000 to $29,000 per year. Depending upon your experience, you can climb to the ladders of the position of manager or supervisor, and could expect salaries between $35,000 and $50, 000.

Admission Requirements

 In order to seek admission in the hospitality management course, you need to have a secondary school diploma or equivalent with a grade 12 English.  If you have grade 12 mathematics, that would also be acceptable.  If you have acquired additional courses such as information technology or tourism, that will also be acceptable.   Being a student of the program, you will be required to purchase a uniform and possess required necessary certifications. International students who are applying for the position must have a minimum of a high intermediate level of English and pass a qualifying test.

 The hotel management course will make you proficient in:-

  • Account management
  • Tourism
  • Business communications
  • Resort and hotel management
  • Beverage and food management
  • Event planning

Hotel Management Course at Selkirk College, Canada

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