Spousal Sponsorship Program Undergoes Changes in Canada

Recently, proposed changes to Canada spousal sponsorship rules have been welcomed.  The changes have been announced by the Canada immigration Minister McCallum. Earlier to proposed Canada spousal sponsorship changes, the Canadian sponsored spouses of Canadian received conditional Canada permanent residency status soon after the arrival in Canada.  They had to wait for two years for getting Canada permanent residency status.

The waiting period caused numerous problems than it solved. Rather than waiting for two years Canada Immigration Department should make use of the tools to discourage fraud in marriages. As per the latest rules, the two year waiting time would be ended.  This will lead to grant of Canada permanent residency status to all foreign spouses upon their arrival in Canada.  This news was affirmed by the official spokesman for Canada Immigration Department CIC.

Immigration Minister McCallum plans to end the two year waiting for overseas spouses soon. Earlier, this rule was introduced by the former Canada conservative government in 2012 to discourage fraud marriage cases in Canada.  The changes have been made in the spousal sponsorship program to decrease the number of marriage frauds.

Earlier, under certain circumstances, conjugal partner or sponsored spouse is granted permanent resident status if they do not cohabitate in a conjugal relationship for a continuous period of 2 years. In case, the individual’s permanent resident status gets revoked, the person who was sponsored and came to Canada will lose their status. Couples who file an application for sponsorship within two years of the date of their marriage are subjected to this condition, even if they had relationship before marriage.