Best Immigration Lawyers in Chandigarh

Best Immigration Lawyers in Chandigarh

With a growing number of people migrating and applying to foreign locations for work, study, and immigration there are several queries and problems one can face. Due to the ever-changing immigration rules and policies, one needs the best immigration lawyers in Chandigarh who can guide you with even the smallest problem you have.




For applicants applying for a study visa, there are many issues a candidate can face such as refusal cases or certain regulations addressed by your visa officer. Consulting the best immigration lawyers in Chandigarh can not only guide you with the complete application process but can carefully analyze all the legal requirements for successfully filling your case. Your immigration lawyer is not only a regulated consultant who is updated with the latest immigration laws and policies but also has access to complete information on overseas educational requirements. Whether you are applying to Canada, Australia, Germany, UK or New Zealand there are numerous benefits of taking advice from your best immigration lawyers in Chandigarh.




In case you are an applicant planning to migrate to another country and wish to apply for permanent resident visa it is exciting and a huge decision. You would be investing a lot of money, time and energy. With this you need to hire a reliable consultant who has backing legally. West Highlander is best immigration lawyers in Chandigarh who can guide you with all the requirements and pathways to meet your need of immigration. Our authentic trustworthy services are both reliable and efficient for giving correct results in time to our clients. In case you are worried due to a certain refusal or a certain clause on your application status consulting the best immigration lawyers in Chandigarh can definitely be wise and beneficial.




A lot of times applicants want to bring their families abroad or look for programs where their spouse can apply with them. Your immigration lawyer in Chandigarh is updated on the immigration policies and knows the importance of keeping families together. Our friendly and free of charge consultation is to support the clients who are misguided or find the immigration formalities confusing. By hiring the best immigration lawyers in Chandigarh you would be avoiding all the hassle and worries of the application process. Your immigration consultant with the assistance of in-house immigration lawyers could provide you complete information on the requirements and procedure of applying for spouse visa applications.




Another major concern among entrepreneurs who plan on starting a new business abroad is to find the best immigration lawyers in Chandigarh who could ensure that their time and money is worthwhile and sources would be guided in the right direction. Not only can we interpret and provide you best suggestion due to our deeper and vast understanding of the legal clause we can contest any issue you have on a priority. Our immigration lawyers in Chandigarh are best advisors on any legal issue and matter you have related to Canada, Australia, Germany, New Zealand and UK. Further, in case you find yourself in a situation where you cannot interpret a decision by your visa officer we are the best immigration lawyers in Chandigarh to assist you in your every time of need.


Why West Highlander is the best immigration lawyer in Chandigarh?


  1. West Highlander is the best immigration lawyer in Chandigarh serving since 2005.
  2. We have highest application success rate for the last 15 years due to our reliable and friendly services in Chandigarh.
  3. Our trained and experienced counselors have been actively providing assistance for all legal and consultant queries for study, migration, spouse visa and business investment.
  4. We offer free of charge consultation to begin with and ensure that you get desired results in time.
  5. We have legal assistance for any of your queries and issues related to immigration.
  6. Our accreditations include:
  7. Licensed Immigration Adviser certified by IAA-Immigration Advisers Authority (New Zealand Govt.) License no. 201002008
  8. Licensed by Migration Agents Registration Authority-MARA (Australian Govt.) License no. 1280308
  9. Migration Institute of Australia. Membership No. 5824
  10. A member of AAERI: Association of Australian Education Representatives in India
  11. Canada Course Graduate
  12. A US Course Graduate
  13. Education UK Certified Counselor
  14. A Certified Migration Agent Australia
  15. A member of CII: Confederation of India Industry
  16. Qualified Counselor for Australia (QEAC-Qualified Education Agent Counselor) Certified by PIER
  17. An ICEF Trained Agent Counselor (Qualification:#ITAC 0037)
  18. ICEF Accredited Agency (#ICEF Agency 2011-2012-1591)
  19. A member of NAFSA which is an Association of International Educators
  20. Member of European Association for International Education
  21. A member of iCARE Canada
  22. UNIAGENTS Certified Agent