How Can I Apply For Australian Spouse Visa?

Australia has been categorized as immigration hotspot country for several reasons. Some of them integrate the higher rate of employment, high standard of living, the economy that is advanced, GDP that is high, and the modern lifestyle of the country. This country manages to magnetize a wide range of migrants from all across the globe. If we converse about India, then the number of people who are immigrating to this country is in thousands every year. But sometimes, it happens that the people who have obtained the visa for the country cannot bring their families along with them because of late time approvals for the visa or there are many other reasons. So, if you are planning on bringing your spouse in the country then you are required to apply for spouse visa under subclass 309. This visa allows you to stay in the country only if you are the spouse or de facto partner of a permanent citizen of Australia, citizen of Australia and with the eligible citizen of the country. This visa not only allows the people countless opportunities for job and the spouses can also work there after reaching in the country. This visa category is one of the concepts of Australian immigration which is useful in enhancing the interest of the applicant to explore the opportunities and career in the country. Spouse visa or partner visa is the only way out for the permanent residents of the country to bring their families to live with them. This visa is a temporary visa and the only purpose of the visa is to obtain the residency so that the applicant joins in the country. This visa can be applied by the applicant only when she/he is a foreign national. This visa is also associated with the subclass 100 as with this visa completion can be initiated more appropriately.

Conferring about the benefits of the visa then most important is that it allows the person to enter the country and stay here legally. An individual can stay in the country until the decision hasn’t been made for the permanent partner visa. An individual can enroll themselves in the Medicare and can enjoy the health facilities for free. Once the two years of a period is over then the applicant can easily apply for the permanent visa.

The qualifying criteria for this visa assimilate that the candidate must be the Australian country citizen. Secondly, it is important that the person must be having the permanent residency permit with him/her. To be eligible for this visa, another major requirement is that the person must be holding the citizenship of New Zealand country.

The application process of the visa is that the person must be filling the form first and then the proof or marriage legality must be delivered. Secondly, the sponsorship by the eligible candidate must be proved at the time of application. Health certificates must also be submitted with the application. The character certificate stating the clean attribute of a person must be attached as well. Lastly, the applicant at the time of application should sign the value statement of Australia.