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How To Obtain Parents Visa For Australia ?

If you are interested in obtaining the parent’s visa of Australia then you should apply for Parents Contributory (subclass 143) visa. This visa allows the parents of a citizen of Australia, permanent residents or the eligible New Zealand citizen to enter the country and reside on the permanent basis. To apply for this visa, one of the major requirements is that the applicant should be sponsored by the permanent citizen. It is significant that the sponsor of the candidate must be settled in the Australian country that depicts he/she must have resided in the country legally for approximately two years before the application has been lodged. To obtain this visa, a person must ensure that he/she is staying outside the country while applying for the visa so that they can obtain subclass 173 visa. You are required to apply first for the contributory parent visa (subclass173) before applying for subclass 143. It is important that all the legal procedures should be considered and fulfilled so that the visa can be gained modestly.

This visa consents the applicant to live in the country and stay for the indefinite period. With this visa, the candidate can also work and study in the country. The cost of the visa is completely reliant on the category that has been selected by the applicant. With this visa, an individual can enjoy the benefits of Medicare services. The applicant can also sponsor their relatives for the permanent residency.


There are certain requirements for eligibility that must be fulfilled by the applicant:

  • It is important that the applicant must be the citizen of New Zealand country.
  • The candidate should have a child who is the Australian citizen.
  • Two years of legal residency is necessitated in the Australian country for this visa.
  • The candidate should have the sponsor who offers the undertaking that is written to support the applicant.
  • There should be fulfilling of the health and character requirement.

The application process of the parent’s contributory visa is as:

  • The documents must be attached to the application by the applicant.
  • The application form 47 PT for the visa should be filled as per the instructions and sponsor also is required to fill the form 40 to complete the process.
  • The interview process should also be initiated after the application process is completed.
  • There must be the description of family members in numbers so that appropriate processing can be done.
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