Family Visas For Australia

Australia has been identified as the country which is attracting businessmen, tourists, students and many other people to visit the country for their own purposes. Individual who is residing in the country as a permanent citizen have to face a lot of problems because of being alone there. But this problem also has been resolved by the authorities through launching the family visas for immigrants. There are different family visa categories that have been included in it so that every family member can easily apply. The options are available for partners, children, parents and other family members of the permanent resident or citizen of the country. The requirements for eligibility are different for each category and all of them are required to be fulfilled by the applicant so that the process of application can be initiated in an appropriate manner by the Australian authorities:

Spouse eligibility

Requirements associated with the spouse to be eligible for the visa are as following:

  • To be eligible for sponsoring the visa, it is significant that the person must be the citizen of Australia or he/she must be the permanent resident.
  • Secondly, the partners should be able to provide the marriage certificate or relationship proof so that the genuine relationship can be assured between the both.

Parent eligibility

The eligibility requirements for parent visa Australia are as:

  • Firstly, the sponsor should be proving the permanent residency or citizenship of the country.
  • Secondly, the visa is meant for the parents only whose age is equivalent to the person who has been considered eligible for Australian age pension.
  • It is important that the sponsor should be the children of the applicant.
  • As the visa is temporary so the applicant who is interested in permanent residencies are required to apply for the permanent visa.

Children eligibility

The eligibility requirements for children to apply for the visa are as:

  • The parent is responsible for acting as the sponsor for the child so that the application can be lodged.
  • It is important that the applicant before lodging the application should ensure that the child/dependent should be under the age of 25 years.

Therefore, these are some of the major categories under the family visa that have been launched by the Australian country. The major requirement for the visa is that all the defined eligibility criteria should be fulfilled and the process of application should also be followed as per the instructions.