Requirements For Spouse Visa Of Student Visa Holder Of Australia

Student visa falls under the subclass 500 and it allows a person to stay in the Australian country for the study purpose in full-time recognized university. The validity of this visa is for five years and it is important that the all the requirements to obtain this visa should be fulfilled. The main benefit of this visa is that it not only allows an individual to stay in the country but also allows them to bring their spouses to the country. It is significant that to apply for this visa the applicant and the sponsor should be in a relationship from past 12 months. If you are interested in bringing your spouse in the country then it is relevant that all the requirements under this visa should be fulfilled like eligibility and application process.

Eligibility requirements

ü  The applicant of visa should provide the enrolment evidence during the application lodging.

ü  Secondly, an applicant should meet the requirements of health. They are required to undergo the examinations of health as the main fragment of their application process.

ü  For obtaining the visa more quickly, the applicant should be able to meet the requirements of character.

ü  The applicant must provide the insurance of health to the Australian authorities and this requirement can be fulfilled through Overseas Student Health Centre (OSHC).

ü  It is relevant that the Student visa holder and the spouse should be living in a relationship and is for long-term.

ü  The age of both the partner should be more than 18 years.

ü    The sponsor of the visa should be able to provide the evidence of sufficient funds to support themselves.

ü  Both the individuals at the time of applicant should be able to provide the real evidence so that their stay can be considered authorized in the country.

Application process of visa

The applicants should be fulfilling the requirements that are integrated into the procedure by the authorities of Australia so that the visa can be granted on the legal and appropriate basis:

ü  Firstly, the application is required to fill the form.

ü  Secondly, they should be submitting the identity documents such as passport or national ID cards.

ü  Marriage certificate and passport copy should be attached to the application for the approval purpose.

ü  The applicant should also attach the document for proving the financial status so that they can support themselves in Australia.

ü  Both the people should also be attaching the proof of education provider and the evidence of school enrolment.

ü  Evidence interlinked with the health insurance should also be attached with the application form.

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