BTech in Germany for International Students: Free education, Programs, Requirements, Universities

Study in Germany

Study in Germany is a lucrative opportunity for International students. One of the strongest economies Germany is also a technological hub and is a popular study destination among international students planning to pursue a bachelor’s degree. Engineering is a core and popular subject area both for German and International students. German education stands uniquely for its excellent quality and recognized universities and facilities. Further, Germany offers free education which has made the country a preferred location for international students.

Study in Germany for Free

Yes! Germany believes in education as an essential goal for all and there is no charge for tuition fees in public universities for undergraduate level studies. A student merely needs to pay a small administration fee of 200-300 euro. Another point to keep in mind is that students would be bearing the cost of accommodation, utilities and other bills for staying in Germany.  So consulting a Germany study advisor in Chandigarh, West Highlander can assure you have complete information about the program and study intake for Germany.

B Tech in Germany

BTech from Germany is an undergraduate course for the duration of 3-4 years. A B Tech graduate in Germany can easily earn around 11,000 euro a month. Some of the most popular B Tech from German universities is mechanical engineering, software engineering, civil engineering, etc.

  1. Tech in mechanical engineering from Germany is one of the most chosen courses by international students. On an average around 40,000 students every year graduate from German Universities. With a minimum experience of 1-2 years engineers in Germany can earn 50,000 euro and higher annually. Further, international students are allowed to work 240 hours in year part time to earn while studying.

Cost of Living and other expenditures

Compared to many other European countries cost of living in Germany is by far affordable and budget friendly. On an average cost of living for an international student can be between 700-800 euros monthly. One can avail public transportation in the country and the cost is highly nominal.


Expenses Average Expenditure Per Month (In Euros)
Student residence 250
House accommodation 300-500
Food and beverages 15-25
Outside Dining 30-40


Best B tech Universities in Germany

  1. Ludwig Maximilians University Munich
  2. Technical University of Munich
  3. Free University of Berlin
  4. Humboldt University of Berlin
  5. RWTH Aachen University
  6. Technical University of Berlin
  7. Heidelberg University – Germany
  8. University of Mannheim
  9. University of Stuttgart
  10. University of Hamburg
  11. Berlin School of Business & Innovation
  12. Reutlingen University
  13. Leipzig University
  14. University of Bayreuth
  15. Braunschweig University of Technology
  16. SRH Hochschule Berlin
  17. Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
  18. Johannes Gutenberg University
  19. University of Cologne
  20. IU International University of Applied Sciences

Requirements for Studying in Germany

  1. All of your academic documents
  2. Photocopy of a valid passport
  3. Language proficiency test results IELTS 6.0 or above or Medium of instruction letter
  4. Professional passport size photo graph with good
  5. CV
  6. Well drafted Statement of Purpose
  7. School leaving certificate and copies of transcripts

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