Study Work Options in Germany

Germany, a developed world country, is known for its promising manufacturing sector and free of cost education. Germany has fourth highest nominal GDP and fifth highest Purchasing Power Parity in the world. It has highly skilled work force, minimal corruption levels, high innovation levels, lowest unemployment rates of all EU nations and capital intensive industry. Owing to these reasons, there are highly remunerative job profiles in diverse sectors to work in Germany.
The international students can opt for work during their study course and after completion of studies as well. There are certain requirements that have to be fulfilled to acquire the right to work in Germany.
Work options during study in Germany –
The international students from outside of European Union can work for up to 120 full days or 240 half days in a year. If student works as a student assistant or research assistant within the university premises, that will not be counted in 120 days limit. The students who have acquired admission in bachelor’s or master’s course are eligible to work in Germany while the students who have come with the purpose of learning the German Language are not allowed to work.
The international students can’t work as freelancers or as self employed persons. Students usually earn up to EUR 450 monthly and if income surpasses this amount, then the students are liable to pay taxes.
Work options after completion of study in Germany –
It is a worthwhile decision to initiate looking for jobs in Germany before completion of studies. As it takes some time to find the suitable job and to not waste time, students are advised to commence their search of jobs in time. If you have knowledge of German language, it raises the chances of finding rewarding employment opportunities.
The students are provided 18 month residence permit to find a job suitable to their field of study. For this, you will require a valid passport, certificate from university that confirms your qualification, health insurance, and proof that you can financially support yourself while in Germany and are not dependent on job. The 18 month period starts just after completion of final examination of last semester.
By the time, you find a job that seems satisfactory to you to establish your career in Germany, you can apply for EU Blue Card and till that time, you can stay in Germany.
These are the ways which allow you to work in Germany along with studies and after completion of studies. If you require more information regarding study in Germany, you can contact West Highlander Study Abroad Consultancy. We have years of experience and expertise in providing unbiased guidance to international students.