Canada study visa refusal reasons 2023

Canada is one of the favourite study abroad destinations among international students. It has lots of benefits for students who choose to study in Canada. This blog article compiled by experienced and expert study in Canada consultant lists the common reasons of refusals the students come across. Applicants must take care that they apply for their application properly so that they may mitigate the risks of refusals.

Following are the common refusal reasons mentioned on the refusal letter of the applicants

  • I am not satisfied that you will leave Canada at the end of your stay as required by paragraph R216(1)(b) of the IRPR ( I am refusing your application because you have not established that you will leave Canada, based on the following factors:
  • The purpose of your visit to Canada is not consistent with a temporary stay given the details you have provided in your application.
  • Your proposed studies are not reasonable in light of: your qualifications, previous studies, mark sheets, academic record, and level of establishment, language abilities, and/or your future prospects and plans

How to get Canada study visa after refusal

The applicants may reapply for their Canada study visa and address the refusal reasons with evidence. To avoid such kind of refusals the applicants must take care that they supply the visa documentation that proves that they are a genuine applicant and the purpose to visit Canada is only to study. The visa officer must be satisfied that you will leave Canada after your course completion. There are many factors which are taken into account while assessing the genuine intent of applying for Canada study visa.

Following are the factors influencing your Canada student visa application

Course relevance

This is one of the very important factors influencing the success of your Study in Canada application. As previously stated the case officer must be satisfies that you have a genuine intent to study in Canada and a genuine intent would be very must evident from the fact that the course you wish to do in Canada is relevant to your academics and any work experience you may have. A genuine student would make a choice of a course which is a logical progression of the profile he currently holds as well as would be an addition to the career prospects. So the basic thumb rule- Choose a relevant course for study in Canada.

Course level

Choosing a correct course level is another very important point. Students must choose a course which is at a higher level and if the course is not at higher level it has got some kind of specialisation of what you have currently done. For example if you hold a Bachelors degree in commerce than the correct course level for you would be a graduate certificate, Post graduate certificate, Post Graduate diploma  or a Masters   degree in a relevant discipline.  A 2 years Diploma would be at a lower level than the current Bachelors degree you hold and hence may cause problems with the application.

English language ability

Another very important factor for the success of your student visa application for Canada is that you must have required level of English language ability to successfully complete your course in Canada. You must have an IELTS or a PTE test score for your Canada study visa. Another very important point for your study in Canada visa application is that you must fulfil the direct English language requirements of your proposed course in Canada

No unexplained gaps in profile

There must not be any unexplained gap in your profile. A serious and genuine applicant will not have any academic or work experience gap unless and until there are very compelling circumstances. Having unexplained gaps may cause a serious problem with your study in Canada visa application

Funds to support while on Canada study visa

Applicants must have enough funds to support themselves while in Canada. This is another very important factor based on which success of your student visa application depends. Applicants must attach evidence that they have required funds for the tuition fee and cost of living. The amount required would depend on the course tuition fee as well as the course duration. The best Canada study visa consultant can guide you properly about this requirement.

No Adverse Immigration History

Applicants must not have any adverse Immigration history. Example of adverse immigration history may include

  • They must not have overstayed in any foreign they may have visited,
  • They must not have breached any visa condition,
  • They must not have been refused entry to any country.