Cheapest universities in UK 2021

Cheapest universities in UK in 2021

Students who are considering studying in UK for higher studies often consider the cost of studying. Studying overseas with all its attractive factors also brings with it the major concern related to the concern related to cost of tuition fee. British Universities are among the most expensive colleges due the living expenses associated with them. Going forward we are going to discuss some of the cheapest universities in UK for 2021.


  1. Staffordshire University– Is one of the popular universities due its several programs and departments featuring continuously in the top 10 study Excellencies in UK. The science department is one of the popular departments at Staffordshire. The university has been ranked in top 100 universities in the UK for several years.
  • Undergraduate or Bachelors program per year is  £14,000
  • Postgraduate (Masters) program is £14,500
  • MBA international costs around  £12,800
  • MBA finance costs around  £12,000
  1. Teesside UniversityThe Teesside University is continuously ranked among the top UK universities offering affordable cost of studying along with high international student satisfaction. Teesside University has more than 80 years of teaching excellence. International scholarship at Teesside is around £1,500 a year.
  • International foundation programmes is £9,750
  • Full-time undergraduate courses is £10,750
  • Full-time postgraduate diploma courses is £10,450
  • Full-time postgraduate courses is £10,950
  • MBA is £13,000
  1. Leeds Trinity University– Is among the top 10% of universities for teaching excellence. The university’s undergraduate courses have been noted to have 100% satisfaction from recent graduates. The university has a vibrant and is among the safest universities in Leeds as per study guides.
  • Undergraduate degree courses for 3 years are approx £10,000
  • Undergraduate degree courses for 2 years are approx £10,500
  • MBA is approx £12,000 and there are several other fields of courses students can select which range from £8,000 -£10 ,000 such as master’s in journalism, finance and accounting, business and management, broadcast journalism and Phd.
  1. University of Cumbria– Is another affordable university in UK with high interdisciplinary research record and has an inviting atmosphere for international students.
  • Full-time honours degree is £10,500
  • Masters degree is £15,500
  1. London Metropolitan University provides exposure of practical workplace environment and several opportunities for professional development at an affordable price. The university offers an affordable tuition cost and specialist labs for art and design studies and a lot more to offer to students looking for budget friendly options. The university has the largest teaching labs in Europe.
  • Full-time honours degree is £10,000
  • Masters degree is £13,500
  1. University of Bolton Has numerous degrees and wide range of vocational courses. Along with this numerous options for academic courses. The university has more than 14,000 students in its various sites and more than 700 academic and professional staff.
  • International Foundation Semester is £4250
  • International Foundation Year is £8500
  • Pre-Masters Semester is £4250
  • Undergraduate and post graduate courses are £11250 yearly
  • MBA is £12500
  • MPhil, Phd is £10170 
  1. Buckinghamshire New University is one of the popular and finest universities offering an affordable tuition cost to students. The university has a leading professional and creative influence which shapes higher education for applicants. The university has been ranked in top ten of the safest universities and has received several accolades for outstanding leadership and management.
  • Full-time Undergraduate is £9,500
  • Full-time Postgraduate courses is  £9,400
  • Full-time International MBA is £10,600
  • Full-time Postgraduate Diploma Business Management is  £7,200
  • Full-time Foundation Studies Art and Design is  £11,800
  1. Coventry UniversityIs one of oldest in the lost and has a huge campus established in Warwick city with more than 27,000 students studying in 2 campuses. The research in critical subjects such as like Allied Health Professions and Studies, Computer Science and Informatics, Electrical and Electronic Engineering has been considered world class and the university was ranked 25th on the best universities listed by The Guardian.
  • Accounting and Finance for International Business is £11,250
  • Global Business is £11,250
  • Global Business Management BA is £11,250
  • Global Marketing is £11,250
  • International Finance and Accounting BA is £11,250
  • Global Business MBA is £15,000
  • International Fashion Management MBA is £15,000
  • Oil and Gas Management MBA is £15,000
  • International Fashion Marketing MSC is £12,800

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