Cost of Germany Opportunity Card

The Germany Opportunity Card is a key to realizing the dreams of many Indians who want to study, work, or settle in Germany. But getting started on this adventure requires more than simply getting the card. It entails being aware of all the associated expenses, both significant and trivial. Every element—from housing and everyday costs to health insurance and visa fees—contributes to the comprehensive financial preparation required for a smooth transfer. We go down the Germany Opportunity Card’s complexities in this blog, highlighting the important expenses that Indians must take into account. Prospective candidates may ensure a smooth and financially sound migration procedure while also better preparing themselves for the great prospects that lie in Germany by getting insight into these financial factors.

Major Costs

Qualification Check

So in order to be eligible for the Chancenkarte, it is necessary to either have a fully recognized academic degree or a partially recognized one. They need to be deemed eligible by the German authorities. But in the case of Indians, most of the degrees would probably be only partially recognized, and due to this the reason, the documents that need to be submitted increase.

For instance, getting the degree verified is going to cost money. There are a lot of other proofs that would need to be submitted like health insurance, blocked back account, etc.

Health Insurance

One of the major costs also includes health insurance which is a mandatory requirement for the application for the Germany opportunity card. There are two forms of health insurance that a candidate can have.

The first document that candidates may provide as evidence of health insurance for the Germany Opportunity Card is a private German health insurance policy that has been authorized and meets the necessary conditions. Additionally, it must begin on the day you want to go. The conditions that this German health insurance, which is private, needs to meet are:

  • The compensation cannot have an upper maximum. It implies that there should be no cap on the amount of money you may get reimbursed from your insurance if you become ill and need to utilize it.
  • The second requirement is that there must be a deductible of more than a few hundred euros annually in the event that the insured—that is, the applicant for the Germany Opportunity Card—becomes ill. Thus, this represents the second requirement that medical insurance must meet.

Pre-existing illnesses must be covered by medical health insurance in order to qualify for a Germany Opportunity Card, which is another crucial criterion. Your health coverage would not be legitimate if the insurance company did not cover a pre-existing ailment that you may have. For the Germany Opportunity Card, make sure that your health insurance covers any pre-existing medical conditions.

The absence of a time limit on insurance coverage is the second crucial requirement that health insurance must satisfy. It implies that a renewal should occur automatically. Assume for the moment that your health insurance has a one-year expiration date. In order to comply with the standards, either this health insurance must automatically renew or it must be stated that there’s no time restriction. Thus, you might have one of those based on the insurance company’s policy.

Another requirement for the health insurance associated with your Germany opportunity card is that it cannot contain any language that would terminate the policy for the insured individual after a predetermined age, in the event that their residency permit changes, or in the event that their permit is lost. Therefore, confirm that this provision does not apply.

There may be cases where people staying in have never had any health insurance and getting medical coverage with this many requirements would take a large amount of time and money.

Language Proficiency Test

There are certain language requirements for applying for a German opportunity card as well. The candidates would either need an A1 level proficiency in Germany or a B2 in English.

The only proof of language proficiency would be to get certified through an authentic proficiency test. The German authorities may also ask the candidates to take a language proficiency test to properly verify that the candidate. This may incur extra costs.


If a candidate can provide proof of accommodation in Germany, it would benefit them while applying for the Germany opportunity card. The rent of the places to reside will depend on city to city that is it may be more expensive in one city as compared to the other.

Residence Permit Fees

In order to be able to get accommodation the candidates would need to acquire a permit for residence which would vary depending upon the duration of the permit and the type of permit. This may cost a few hundred euros.

Travel Fees

The cost of flights, internal travel inside Germany, and potentially local travel tickets or cards might add up during the initial stages of travel from India to Germany.

Visa Fees

One of the major expenditures that people wanting to obtain a Germany opportunity card would be spending on will be the cost of the visa filing itself. This is because the process of the visa itself has a lot of requirements. This is one of the major costs that a candidate would have to incur.

Funds for Germany Opportunity Card

During the application process itself, the candidates would need to have at least 1027 euros in a blocked bank account as proof that they can sustain themselves in Germany as they would be traveling there without a job offer. This is a recurring monthly payment that would have to be deposited into their account for a period of one year, which would mean that the candidate should have enough funds to deposit that amount every month for a whole year.

Minor Costs

Document Translation and Certification

There may be a few euros that would be spent on the translation of say academic records etc. into German if the authorities there require it. They may also ask for some extra certifications as and when required, which would be included in some minor costs.

Miscellaneous Costs

  • Local SIM and Internet Services: When traveling from India to Germany, candidates would need to get a local SIM card with internet connectivity which would levy some charges. They may also eventually need to get a Wi-Fi connection for their home as well.
  • Utility Bills: Once they get a place to stay, they would have to pay monthly charges like electricity, water, and maintenance bills. Again these bill amounts would depend on the area and the size of the place they would be living in at that point in time.
  • Grocery shopping: The people coming to Germany through the opportunity card would essentially be unemployed and by the time they get a job, they would be on a budget. Hence they would have to avoid outside food and eat as much homemade food as possible to not spend unnecessarily.

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