Cost of study and living in Germany for Indian students

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Indian Students who wish to pursue their higher education from abroad, Germany can be your best option. Germany is renowned globally for its high-end education system, astonishing landscapes, great job opportunities, and affordable lifestyle. The country offer various Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in English. Except for MBA, most of these study programs are free of cost in German Public Universities. Want to calculate your budget for living and study in Germany? Check out our detailed guide about tuition fees and living costs in Germany:

Tuition fees in Public Universities for Indian students to study in Germany

In Germany, higher education is available in three types of educational systems: Universities, Universities of applied sciences, and Universities of Art or music. Other than this, there can be state or private colleges and universities in Germany.

Students will be glad to know that the Public universities in Germany provide free-of-cost education to all national and international scholars. However, the eligibility criteria are high for admission in such free tuition fees universities in Germany. For undergraduate course study in Germany, you need a minimum of 80% marks and a 6.5 IELTS score. On the other side, for Post graduation courses, students are expected to have a minimum of 70% marks in Bachelors degree and a 6.5 IELTS score. The student may also need to appear for some other entrance tests required by the university. In most public universities, students only have to pay the admission fee range from 140 -500 EUR per semester (12,00-43,000 INR). This charge is utilized for university development and student welfare.

Note: The federal state of Baden-Wurttemberg is an exception to the German free study system. The state can charge up to 3,000 EUR/year (2,58,826 INR) for non-EU international students.

Tuition fees in Private University for study in Germany

At German private universities, Indian students can pursue courses in applied science, bachelor’s degrees, or Master’s Degree. The tuition fee and entry requirement for each discipline and program level may vary. At applied Science universities, the academic marks and language ability requirement might be less, yet the tuition fees are expensive. At private universities, the study cost in Germany for the undergraduate level courses can be 7,000 EUR (6,03,692 INR). For the postgraduate level, it can be a minimum of 9,000 EUR (6,03,692 INR). On average, this tuition fee for study in Germany can reach up to 26,000 EUR/year for Bachelor’s programs and 40,000 EUR for Master’s programs.

Students must note that MBA programs are payable in both private and public educational institutes. To get a detailed idea about course program and tuition fee in Germany, Indian students can contact West Highlander. We are 16 year old ICEF Germany accredited study visa consultant in Chandigarh.

Cost of other study expenses in Germany

Other than admission and semester fees, the international students might expect to pay for other study-related expenses that can include learning material of 30 EUR per month (2,588 INR).

Cost of living in Germany for international students

The cost of living is inevitable in Germany despite the free education in public institutes. Still, accommodation or rental cost is quite affordable in Germany compared to other top study destinations around the world. The average living cost in Germany is largely dependent upon the part of the country you decide to live in. For large cities like Berlin, it can be 1500 euro/month (1,29,405 INR). For small cities like Freiburg, you can expect to spend up to 1100 EUR per month (94,900 INR).  The cost of living in Germany might include:- Clothing expenditure of 52 EUR per month (4487 INR), Food expenditure of 165 EUR/month(14,263 INR), utility cost 95 EUR/month (8197 INR), health and medical cost 66 EUR/month (5,694 INR), telephone and internet 33 EUR/ month (2846 INR). Other than these expenses, accommodation is the major part that adds to the cost of living in Germany. Your staying cost in Germany can depend upon the type of accommodation and German state you chose to live in. Below is the cost of living depending upon the room you decide to live in:-

  • Student residential hall: 250 EUR per month (21,568 INR)
  • Private shared flat: 365 EUR per month (31,490 INR)
  • Studio apartment: 390 EUR per month (33,644 INR)

Transportation expenses in Germany

There are numerous transportation mediums through which the students can reach the university. From the metro train, public bus, to bicycle you can choose the vehicle as per your convince. In Germany, students might get a free travel card for which they might have to pay at the beginning of each semester. The cost for a semester ticket can range anywhere between 25 EUR to 200 EUR (2,156 INR to 17,254 INR).

German Student visa cost

For non-EU students, the typical German study visa cost is 60EUR (5,176 INR). The student needs a German block account with a minimum of 10,332 EUR (8,91,419 INR) for one year to prove financial resources. The student can expect additional charges for IELTS/TOEFL and other exams.

Note – for calculation 1 EUR has been taken equivalent to INR 86.37 per current approximate exchange rate.

Now, that you have a detailed idea about the study and living expenses in Germany, get your profile assessed from IACT qualified counselors in West Highlander.  Contact us for study options, study visa application format, German scholarship, and more from licensed and experienced German study visa consultants in Chandigarh.