Sample visa interview questions with answers for Germany student visa

Profile of the student who would like to Study in Germany

The applicant is 12th pass out 2 years before with non medical stream from India from CBSE Board with 65% marks. He has an overall band score of 6. The student has an offer of a place from New European College in Bachelors in International Management. The student’s parents are government employees in Education sector. He has got a younger brother who is studying.

Sample questions for this profile with suggested answers

 What course have you applied for?

I have applied for Bachelors in International Management 3 year’s program with mode of instruction in English starting in March. The program is divided in 6 semesters with a 6 months internship.

In which college did you apply?

I have applied in New European College in Munich

Why did you choose this college?

The courses in this college are taught in English. I wanted to study in Germany in International Management where the course is taught in English.  As I have IELTS Band Score of 6 in English language test I will be able to cope up with this program. Moreover the college is situated in Munich and I wanted my place of study in Munich. The class size are small which I strongly feel will be helpful for me as an International student. I found out the internship part of semester 4 of particular interest. Corporate visits and networking events are an integral part of the course which I feel are of utmost importance in terms of exposure.

Did you research about other colleges?

Yes I researched about other colleges and Universities also. I choose to study at a college main reason being small class size which would help me to settle in a new environment. I wanted to do a course in International Management and researching I came to know about this college

Why do you want to do this course?

The corporate world is ever-growing. I want to have a career in Business. This program would equip me with the skills and knowledge of theoretical and practical aspects of Business. In my country there are many small medium size and large organisation where I can apply for job and start a career after completing studies. I am at that point of life where I have to decide about what I want in terms of my career. This is staring of my Bachelors degree. So I have chosen this program as it offers wide range of opportunities once I successfully complete my studies.

What are the course contents?

The program is split into 6 semesters where I would be studying different subjects in each semester. Out of these 6 semesters one semester is of internship of 6 months. The course contents relate to specialization in Accounting and finance, International Marketing, Human Resource.

What you would be studying in these subjects?

I would be studying fundamentals of marketing, Human resource, Financial accounting, Intercultural communication, Business communication, Organisational behaviour, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Management information systems, HR management, Marketing management. All these contents attracted me to do this course.

What is your qualification in your home country?

I have done my 12th standard in non medical stream from CBSE board with 65% marks.

You have 2 years gap in your studies and now you are applying for Germany student visa. Why?

I was not involved into any academic studies but was preparing for engineering entrance test but unfortunately could not make into good engineering college. So I decided to go for studies at an International level. I started preparing for my IELTS Test. As such I was involved in my career planning activates which is not a gap.

Why are you not pursuing your study in your home country? Are similar courses not available in your home country?

My first choice was to engineering course in a good institute in my home country for which I tried but could not succeed in getting into good institute. My next option was to study a degree in international management. There is Bachelors of Business administration available in my home country but the quality of education is not good. I strongly feel that if I continue my studies here I will not be able to develop my job skills which are main motive of qualification. Whereas a degree from a developed country like Germany would open various job opportunities for me.

What are the specific job designations relevant to your study you expect to have?

The degree I intend to do is not limited to a particular sector. Small, medium size as well as big companies can be my potential employers. Completing this I can have job in finance and accounting, marketing, HR. These three departments are very crucial in every small, medium size as well as big companies.

Who is sponsoring you?

My parents are sponsoring me for my higher education. They have always been supportive of my studies and have invested in my education. They have paid my tuition fee and put money in my blocked account.

What are your family income sources?

Both my parents are government employees. They are into education sector.

Do you have other siblings?

Yes my younger brother who is pursuing his schooling. Currently he is studying in 10th standard.

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