Dependent Child Scholarship Program Canada

The objective of the family class of immigration is to reunite the family members in Canada.  Through family class, the permanent residents and Canadian citizens may sponsor their dependent children, parents, spouse, common-law, conjugal partners and grandparents. The government of Canada offers strong commitment to keep the families together.  The processing of Family Class applications is of high priority at Canadian visa offices.

Dependent children program is eligible for both natural and adopted kids.  You may be sponsored to live with your parents as permanent residents in Canada.  The child sponsorship program is a subsection of the family class of immigration.  To become eligible for the program, the permanent residents of Canada and their child abroad must be approved by citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

In order to get visa through this immigration program, the sponsored person and who is sponsoring will be required to present their relationship to one another.  The adoption proceedings of the individuals are in the final phase of processing and may begin sponsoring their child before the adoption can be finalized.  Ensure you read the specific requirements for the program, as well as general requirements for Canadian sponsorship.

The children who are sponsored through this program can receive Canadian permanent residence. This also includes the right to study and work in Canada.  The application processing fees at the Canadian immigration Visa offices are based on the latest information available from Canadian immigration authorities.  The fees are subjected to change without notice.  Therefore, it is recommended to use the information as a guide.  The application processing fees are same regardless of the country of your residence.  The fees for the different types of family sponsorship applications are listed in Canadian dollars.

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