Family Visas

Family Visas

Now Join your family in Canada, Australia & New Zealand as dependent or spouse.


This piece of writing here endeavours to provide you with brief guide about Spouse visa, Dependent visa, Parent visa or Family visitor visa for Canada, Australia or New Zealand. If  your spouse or common law partner is lawful student, worker resident or citizen of these countries you may be eligible to apply for spouse visitor, work or resident visa. Parents and dependent children of resident or citizen may also be eligible for dependent visa. relatives of residents and citizens may apply for visitor visa, if they have genuine intent of visiting a relative for genuine reasons. This may seem easy and straight forward or just a application form filling, but let me warn you family related visas are one of the most complicated visa processes. They are most complicated because of the documentation required to prove bona fides, genuine intention, purpose of visit, family and financial ties. Spouse of students studying in Canada, Australia or New Zealand may apply for visitor or open work visa depending on level of study of principal applicant and other parameters like bona fides , age , qualification , genuineness  and stability of marriage. As the principal applicant is also on a temporary and non immigrant visa , much more evidence is required to prove genuineness.

Spouse visa for partners of work visa holders, residents and citizens have to apply for different categories depending on the visa status of main applicant. New Zealand and Canada have different visas and documentation required and Australia have separate visa subclasses requiring separate conditions to be fulfilled.

Parents of residents may apply for permanent or temporary visa depending on fulfilling certain conditions for the sponsor (Son or Daughter) living in Australia, New Zealand or Canada. Generally processing time for permanent visa is very long, but parents may apply for temporary resident visa for quick entry and wait onshore for their permanent visa.


Family Visas can be tricky and documentation & evidence required in these visas can be very high as compared to other visas. So for the intricacies of the family visa cases, legal process to be handled effectively, you need to consult the experienced & licensed consultant. To choose a right category for a visa, one needs to have a thorough knowledge of all the visa policy. Team West Highlander has got years of experience and specialization in this category. We have got successful results even for the toughest of the application.

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Spouse Visas
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Parent Visas
Family & Friends Visitor visas
  • Spouse/Child (500 Sub Class)of Student Visa Holder Class

    • Student visa (500 subclasses) allows an individual to stay in Australian country to study in a university that is full-time recognized educational institution.
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  • Spouse/Child (309 Subclass) of Permanent Resident/Citizen

    • Australia is supposed to be the country that is magnificent and the economy of the country is also stable with the infrastructure that is developed. This country offers countless job opportunities to the talented and workers that are immigrant.
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  • Spouse/Child (Sub Class 457)of Work Visa Holder

    • 457is the subclass of spouse/child visa and is a sponsored employer visa that permits overseas workers for working in Australian country for a period of four years. The subclass 457 of spouse/child visa is one of the common pathways for attaining the work sponsorship in Australia.
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  • Visitor Visa for Parents /family friends (Sub Class 600)of Student Visa Holder/Permanent Resident/Citizen

    • Australia is considered as one of the fascinating places in the world where every individual wants to go. Are you planning to visit Australia? If yes, then a visitor visa (Subclass600) is meant for you.
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  • Parents Contributory (Sub Class 143)

    • Parents contributory (Subclass 143) permits parents of an Australian citizen, permanent residents or the eligible citizen of New Zealand to live in Australia on a permanent basis. For this visa, there is the requirement of applicants that are sponsored by a child or spouse or one of the permanent citizens.
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  • Family / Friends – Group Visas

  • Spouse/Child of Student Visa Holder/Permanent Resident/Citizen /Work Visa Holder

    • Join your spouse in NZ along with your kids. Apply through experienced licensed advisor having years of experience with an excellent success rate in dealing with dependent/spouse of a student visa holder/work visa holder/permanent resident/citizen of New Zealand.
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  • Family / Friends – Group Visas

    • If you and your group of friends/colleagues intend to travel to New Zealand for the same event or any other purpose which is same and your travel arrangement would also be the same, the Group Visa is exactly the option for you.
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  • Visitor Visa for Parents /family friends of Student Visa Holder/Permanent Resident/Citizen

    • Get Successful outcome of visitor visas by applying through experts in this line. Licensed by immigration Advisor Authority, Ms Parwinder Kaur has years of experience in dealing with visitor visa applications successfully.
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  • UK Spouse of a Student Visa Holder

    • Bring your spouse to the UK while pursuing your further studies. Your spouse is allowed to join you on a spouse visa. Even you can get your kids to join you and stay until your spouse completes his or her course. You just need to prove that your partner is studying in the UK while lodging application.
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  • UK spouse of a British Citizen/Permanent Resident

    • To apply as a British citizen or a permanent resident you must have an intention to live with your spouse permanently. You must have genuine and verifiable proofs that you are married or an in a relationship with your partner and have been living together for 2 Years when you apply. You are required to have the English language at CEFT A2 to be eligible to apply. You partner living in the UK has to produce documentation of income £186000 annually. The amount may increase if you have any dependent kids who are not a permanent resident of Citizen of UK.
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  • UK Visitor Visa Parents/Family/Friends

    • To become eligible to apply for the visa, an applicant must prove that he or she is a legal applicant; you will leave the UK at the end of your visit. You also need to show that you have enough finances to support yourself while staying in the UK. You as visitor needs to show the details of his travel for the duration of visit, place, say, activities you would do in the country. Candidate can stay in the UK up to 6 months.
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  • Spouse/Child of Student Visa Holder/Permanent Resident/Citizen/Work Visa Holder

    • Being a permanent resident or citizen of Canada, your dependents are eligible for spouse/child of student visa, permanent resident or work. Candidate’s wife can apply for work permit prior or after arriving in Canada. This will be granted to your spouse until your study visa expires. If Immigration finds that your documents are not meeting the eligibility criteria, your application will be declined the Canadian government.
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  • Super Visa For Parents/Grandparents

    • This visa is granted to parent and Grandparents on a temporary basis for staying in Canada for around two years. The validity of super visa ranges for ten years. Only permanent resident of Canada can apply for such visa to bring his or her parents or grandparents to the country. A person working in Canada can easily apply for the super visa for parents/grandparents. Applicant has to meet all the criteria associated with the Canadian law.
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  • Spouse/Child (Under F2) Of Student Visa Holder

    • Having a student visa of USA, one can enjoy the certain benefits of the country. A student visa is referred as F1 visa and it is required for the purpose of a study. It also plays a vital role while bringing your spouse/child to the country to secure F2 visa easily. If you haven’t any depended with F1 then it is difficult for him or her to apply for an F2 visa because US government will not grant such visa. F2 visa is known as the dependent visa which is associated with the non-migrant visa.
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  • Spouse/Child (Under K3/K4) Permanent Resident/Citizen

    • K3 offers you to bring your spouse surviving abroad. You not only sponsor your spouse but you can also sponsor your kids under a K4 visa. It allows them to get jobs. The K3 visa holder can apply for permanent residency if his or her petition is approved by the Department of Homeland Security and US citizenship and immigration services. When your spouse arrives in the US, they may apply for a green card of the country.
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  • Spouse/Child (Under H-4) For H1B Work Visa Holder

    • This visa is granted by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to immediate the member of the family which includes spouse or children of the H1B visa holders. H4 visa holders can take up the studies through remaining in the category of H-4 but they cannot do the job being in the H4 category. If they want to do a job in the country, they are required to get permission from USCIS.
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  • Parents /Family Friends (Under Visa B1/ B2) OF Student Visa Holder/Permanent Resident/Citizen

    • From spending holidays to go for doing business, USA is one of the great countries to visit as a tourist. If you want to go the USA for business or treatment then you can take advantage of B1/B2 visas. B1 visa is connected to the visitor visa for people who are traveling or planning to travel the country, whereas B2 visa is meant for medical treatment. You as a sponsor need to fulfill certain requirements to secure a visa for your family or friends hassle-free.
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