Frequently Asked Questions about Study in Australia

Why Study In Australia?

The first question that must be boggling in your mind is, why you should study abroad.  There are a number of reasons why should you not.  Studying in a foreign country not only gives you an opportunity to learn about another culture and lifestyle, but also gain exposure. It also helps you grow personally and get a better understanding of the modern world. Studying overseas provides you excellent opportunities to learn and excel, at the same time also adapt yourself in the constantly changing environment.

Why Meet English Language Requirements?

In order to study abroad, there are several requirements you need to fulfil.  When you plan to study in an English speaking environment, you meet give English proficiency test like IELTS, PTE or TOEFL. These tests measure the proficiency of the test takers to communicate in the English language in academic settings.   The English proficiency tests measures reading, writing, speaking and listening skills of the test takers.

Which Documents are required to Apply?

While applying to study abroad, you need to submit several documents.  Depending on the college or university you are applying for, the requirements are different.  But you are required to submit- IELTS,PTE, TOEFL scores, Statement of Purpose, Transcripts,  Academic documents, experience (if any), etc.

What are the Expenses for Study in Australia?

 Studying in abroad is expensive.   The total expenses include that of tuition fees, travel costs, living costs, accommodation, etc.  All these expenses are variable and may vary depending upon the course you apply for and place you will be living at.  Let us say for an example, that cost of studying MBA from an esteemed college would be different from that of an undergraduate or diploma course.

How to Manage Finances?

If you do not have enough expenses, you can still apply for overseas education loan. Indian students can apply for education loans from all the nationalized banks of India.  Most of the banks will give you overseas education loan if you meet certain requirements. Scholarships are also available but it is very challenging to get scholarships.

What are the Settlement Difficulties in Australia?

 Yes, you may face difficulties while settling in Australia.  Since you have to leave your home country and comfort of your home, you may face homesickness, financial issues, cultural adjustments, language barriers, etc.   But you should always remember that these barriers are a way to self improvement.  They bring to you an opportunity to improve yourself and become self-dependent.

Why Get in Touch with an Immigration Adviser?

Yes, it is extremely crucial for you to get in touch with an immigration adviser who can advise you throughout the process so that you do not make mistakes. Immigration agents are knowledgeable, skilled and experienced and can walk the entire process with you.   The chances of meeting with a visa refusal are minimal, when you apply through a licensed and experienced immigration agent.

How West Highlander can help you?

West Highlander is an immigration company based in Chandigarh with over 16 years experience in the immigration industry. The director of West Highlander- Ms. Parwinder Kaur is a licensed and experienced immigration adviser. We are into the immigration industry from last many years and know inside out of it.  By applying through West Highlander, you can have peace of mind that you are at right place.