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IT Professionals High in Demand in Australia

According to the report made by the Australian Computer Society, more than 85% of new jobs for Information and Computer Technology (ICT) were occupied by the international workers.  The report suggested that hiring overseas workers has become a top priority to address the skills shortages in the ICT industry.  The country still needs to put together an action plan to take care of the skills.  The report also suggested that ICT workforce of Australia rose by 23,000 last year.  The jobs under the ICT industry are- software developer, software engineer, technical consultant, security consultant, project manager, business analyst, development manager, etc.

The report also suggested that the digital economy of the Australia is going to double within the next 6 years.  Since IT professional’s skills are high in demand, therefore, it does not mean that you can automatically get a job in that specific area. Applicants need to gain specialised skills in order to get a job.  You still might be able to get an entry-level job in a skill in demand, but you will need to work hard to gain the skills to retain the job for a long period of time.  You can also avail training for a skill in demand, so that you can compete in a better way.   Students must choose a skill which is not in demand because students sometimes make a mistake of choosing a field that allure you but is not in demand.

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