GTE Australia study visa 2023

Australia is one of the most sought after study destination among Indian students. Students who chose to study in Australia get lots of benefits like part time work during study, post study work visa for Australia after completion of study program, provision to apply for dependent visas of spouse and children to name a few.

Before getting Australia study visa the students need to pass number of steps successfully. This blog article compiled by and experienced registered MARA agent at West Highlander Immigration Chandigarh covers the following points with regards to GTE assessment for Australia study visa 2023.

Points regarding the genuine temporary entry criterion which are covered in this blog are

  • Purpose of GTE Australia study visa
  • Situation in your country of residence
  • Your potential circumstances in Australia
  • The value your proposed course in Australia would provide you
  • Any immigration history you may have

Purpose of GTE Australia

GTE is one of the very important factors based on which your Australia student visa is assessed. Students must pass the GTE assessment of the Department of Home affairs to successfully get their visa applications approved. The purpose of the GTE is to assist to identify that the primary purpose of the student visa applicants is to gain quality education in Australia. It helps to identify that the students are not using the student visa route for any other motive.

Factor 1 for GTE Australia study visa 2023 – Situation in your country of residence

One of the very important factors which the case officer takes into account while assessing the GTE for Australia student visa is about situation in your home country. The case officer would look into various aspects like availability of similar courses in your home country, reasons for not pursuing your study in your home country, what is your economic situation in your country of residence to name a few. The case officer assesses the aspect of you being genuinely interested to study your proposed travel to Australia based on these factors. Another point the GTE assessing officer may consider is your family ties in your home country. The case officer would take into consideration if you have strong family ties in your home country which would encourage you to come back on successful completion of your study program in Australia.

Factor 2 for GTE Australia study visa 2023 –Value of your proposed course for study in Australia to your future

This is second very important factor in the GTE assessment of your Australia student visa. The case officer would look into the value your proposed course may have for your future plans. There are various factors the officer would look into while assessing this factor. The case officer would see if your proposed course is a logical progression of your current academics and any work experience history you may have. The case officer would into the career growth you may expect after completion of the course in Australia. The assessing officer would look into the benefit in terms of jobs you may get in your home country after obtaining the qualification from Australia .The case officer would also look into the consistency of your current education level. If there are any gaps in your academic or work experience history and you do not have any compelling circumstances explaining the gaps in your profile then these may cause problems with your GTE assessment for study in Australia.

Factor 3 for GTE Australia Student visa 2023- Potential circumstances in Australia

This is another important factor in the genuine temporary assessment of your study in Australia application. The case officer would also look into your potential circumstances in Australia where you wish to study. The points which are taken into account are your current study and qualification you hold the research you have done about study in Australia. The case officer would look into the knowledge you have about course and your university or college in Australia. He would look into what other universities with similar courses you researched before finalising your choice of university. What are the reasons you decided upon this particular university and rejected others providing similar courses? Your financial ability to study in Australia also plays important role in assessing this factor. Along with financial ability the case officer would also look into your financial stability in your country of residence. If there is a strong indication that your you have strong ties in Australia rather than in your home country then this may affect the Genuine temporary assessment for your Australia study visa.

Factor 4 for GTE Australia study visa- Your past visa applications

This is a very important factor in the assessment of the application. Any previous visa refusals may negatively impact your application unless and until there have been significant change in your circumstances since your last visa application was refused.