How to sponsor your wife, husband for Australia immigration?


Consider the following two cases-


Case 1- Veera has decided to marry her fiancé next month. Her fiancé works in Australia for the last 2 decades in a well-reputed firm and holds an Australian permanent residency. She was worried about how to join her fiancé post marriage in Australia.

Her expert registered migration agent of Australia advised her to apply for visa subclass 309 and later she could apply for visa subclass 100. Currently, Veera is happily married and has been living with her husband and working in a multinational company herself.


Case 2- Harmandeep has been studying in Australia for the last 2 years and is currently pursuing his doctoral degree. He has been married for the last 3 years and wanted to bring his wife to Australia. His student visa consultant in Chandigarh for Australia advised him to guide his wife to apply for visa subclass 500 for Australia. At present, while Harmandeep is pursuing his doctoral dream, his wife has been supporting him both emotionally and financially by working for a globally recognized firm.



Now in both these cases, the concerned people wanted to know about how to sponsor wife, husband for Australia immigration and seemed to be satisfied with the results they achieved. Do you feel that you are under one of these situations and would like to know how to sponsor your wife, husband for Australian immigration and clueless on how to proceed?


Don’t worry and read along with our advice on how to apply for a spouse visa for Australia.



How to sponsor your wife/ husband to Australia if you have an Australia PR?



  1. In case your partner holds an Australia PR then you can apply for subclass 309/Spouse visa/partner visa. This is a temporary visa and is the first step to get towards applying for residency in Australia.


  1. This visa is especially for spouses, permanent residents and de-facto partners of the Australia PR or citizen who have established themselves in Australia while their spouse is outside Australia.


  1. Once you apply for your wife/husband through subclass visa 309 they can stay in Australia indefinitely till the time permanent resident visa subclass 100 is permitted. The processing time for Australia PR for spouse is 19 months .Under this Australia immigration visa your spouse can work or study in Australia without any limitation.


  1. The process of being eligible for spouse visa can take around 12 months of processing time so in case your husband or wife wants to visit you they can apply for visitor visa –subclass 600.


  1. It is certainly advised that you apply for both visas 309 and 100 at the same time as you can reduce the waiting time for being with your partner.


Condition to Apply


  1. Your marriage should be recognized under Australian law and you should be able to provide proofs for the relationship.
  2. Your husband or wife already staying in Australia under PR should meet the sponsorship conditions. He / She cannot sponsor in case they have earlier sponsored 2 other people on this visa or have themselves been granted partner visa in the last 5 years.
  3. Applicants planning to apply under spouse visa for Australian immigration under subclass 309 should be partner, spouse or dependent of a citizen of Australia or Australia PR. In case they are partner of New Zealand citizens they can apply for this visa too.
  4. Your registered migration agent of Australia would guide you to meet the eligibility requirements, get a medical check, police verification and value statement evaluation to be met.






  1. Your sponsored spouse can stay in Australia until action is taken on their permanent residency application status.
  2. They are allowed to avail benefits of medicare and also Australian scheme of expenses and health related care.
  3. They can work or study in Australia without any boundation.





How to sponsor your wife/ husband to Australia if you are studying in Australia?




  1. In case you are studying in Australia then you can sponsor your wife, husband for Australian immigration under visa subclass 500.
  2. Under this visa subclass you can apply for sponsoring your wife/ husband and children.
  3. For this sponsorship your student visa consultant for Australia in Chandigarh will advise you to apply for this visa along with your own student visa application for studying in Australia.



Condition to Apply



  1. Ensure you include all the documents for study in Australia as a primary applicant and provide complete information of your dependent or spouse while applying for Australia study permit.
  2. In case you get married later on after your application is filed then it would be an exception and permitted.
  3. The success of sponsoring your dependent for Australia immigration completely depends on the strength of the case and how you fulfill the conditions.
  4. For applying for spouse visa both the citizen and spouse should be able to provide valid documents of being in a strong committed relationship.
  5. Your relationship period should be more than 12 months and both partners should be 18 years and above.
  6. You need to include identity documents, passport, financial capacity documents and health insurance evidence.
  7. You should be accepted in study in Australia program in a recognized educational institute in Australia and provide proof of your education provider
  8. Further, health and character criteria are also required.








  1. On a student dependent visa for Australian immigration your husband, wife can work for any employer.
  2. As a dependent your husband/ wife can work for 40 hours fortnightly.
  3. In case the primary applicant for study in Australia program is enrolled in a masters or doctoral program then their wife/husband can choose to work any number of hours.
  4. Dependents do not need any kind of job offer for Australia immigration and there are numerous job opportunities which they can avail in Australia.
  5. The spouse can get valuable experience of working in Australia while being close to family members.
  6. The time and validity of dependent spouse visa is same as primary student visa applicant.
  7. Australia is a hub of quality educational providers and therefore your dependent children can be well taken care of.





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