10 Best Australian Scholarships for Indian Students

10 Best Australian Scholarships for Indian Students



Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef and Wilderness of the Outback. Coastal cities such as Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney make you think of only Australia.


Australia has become widely popular among Indian students planning to move abroad overseas for career prospect. Before you head on with your academic pursuit a bonus of getting a scholarship which could shed some pressure of the wallet is always a winsome offer.


Here are the 10 leading Australian Scholarships you can opt for as a Indian student:



Number #1 Australian Award Scholarship


  1. For being eligible for Australian Award Scholarship you should be 18 years of age and above.
  2. The other eligibility factor is your intention towards development of your native country.
  3. The scholarship is aimed at young minds that are exceptionally talented.
  4. It covers undergraduate, post graduate, PhD, Vocational and training courses under the scholarship.
  5. The benefit of the scholarship is expenses covered for entire tuition fee, air travel return, allowance for establishment, living expenses, health cover and much more.


   Number #2 Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship Award


  1. You should be 18 years of age and above at the time of program initiation.
  2. Also you need to ensure that to apply for the scholarship the academic course starting should not be before 1st of January or after November 30th of the particular year.
  3. Additionally, ensure you have not previously received any Australian grant in the past.
  4. The award is for grad, post grad and PhD program candidates.
  5. The benefits including entire tuition fee, travel allowance of $AUD 3000, Establishment allowance of $AUD 4000, monthly stipend of $AUD 3000 for 2 years for post grad candidates. In case of PhD candidate the allowance is for 4 years on pro rata basis along with health and travel benefits.


  Number # 3 International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS)


  1. For international students enrolled in research based post graduation programs or Doctoral programs then you are eligible for this grant.
  2. Ensure that you fulfill student visa requirement to be eligible for the same.
  3. Further, you need to ensure that you have not received any grant from Australian government in the last 2 years prior to you being enrolled for the course.
  4. The benefits included entire tuition fee and health cover for both you as well as the dependent.

Number #4 Sydney Achievers International Scholarships


  1. This scholarship is awarded by University of Sydney.
  2. In case you are enrolled in a undergraduate or post graduate course and have an unconditional offer of admission to be considered for the grant.
  3. Ensure you have a valid student visa/
  4. The benefits include scholarship amount of $AUD 10,000 for each year for duration of the course. In case you maintain satisfactory grades the scholarship is renewable yearly.


        Number #5 University of Sydney International Scholarships

  1. For applying for this award you should be enrolled in post graduate research or master’s course.
  2. The research course should be part of university’s list
  3. Also you would be required to ensure that you do not hold a research degree equal to Australian research degree.
  4. The benefits including tuition fee and living allowance for 3 years study period covered under the award.


Number #6 Macquarie Vice Chancellor’s International Scholarships by Macquarie University


  1. You should be an International Student having admission with full offer.
  2. Further you need to have a GPA of 3.0 and above for Post graduate course and an average equivalency score of 90 or above for UG course.
  3. The courses covered under UG and PG include engineering, environment, media, linguistic and education disciplines.
  4. The benefits include an amount of $AUD 10,000 for tuition fee that is not renewable.


       Number #7 Melbourne International Research Scholarships


  1. The scholarship is under University of Melbourne.
  2. This is specifically designed for international students who have completed tertiary degree that is equal to 4 year degree course of Australian Universities.
  3. Also you need to ensure you have applied and are under an eligible master’s or doctoral research program.
  4. Ensure you do not already have any research degree prior to applying for this scholarship.
  5. The benefits include relocation grant, thesis allowance, paid sick, maternity and parent leave with OSHC and Living allowance.



       Number #8 Adelaide Scholarships International


  1. This scholarship is under University of Adelaide.
  2. Ensure you are an international student who has completed a tertiary degree equal to 4 year degree course of universities in Australia.
  3. Further, ensure you are eligible and have applied under a master’s or doctoral degree program.
  4. The benefits include course tuition fees, annual living allowance along with OSHC (Ensure you have a valid student visa subclass 574).


Number #9 La Trobe Academic Excellence Scholarships for International Students


  1. La Trobe University has come up with academic scholarships for international students who have score minimum of 85% in previous degree or high school.
  2. You would be required to meet the general eligibility and English language requirements of the course you have applied to and have admission offer by the University.
  3. The benefits for undergraduate and post graduate students offered by the University include an amount between $AUD 10,000 to $AUD 20,000 which are payable towards tuition fee for a maximum of 2 semesters.


Number #10 Monash International Merit Scholarships


  1. For international student who meet the general eligibility and English language requirements of the course applying and have an offer for admission by Monash University.
  2. The courses covered under this scholarship are those which are offered at undergraduate and post graduate level offered by Monash University.
  3. Benefits include $AUD 10,000 every year for full time study till minimum credits for the course is completed.



So, in a nutshell it can be said that for Indian students Australia has a promising opportunities with scholarships which can bring you both ease and comfort of Australia overseas education.


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