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Australia has become the most sought after name for both study abroad and for various skilled migration programs due the number of favorable opportunities one can receive in the land of opportunities. Being a global name for numerous leading companies, a world class education, health benefits, easy accessibility and affordable quality living are few of the benefits of planning to migrate to Australia. While one plans to migrate to Australia the most crucial and key factor for migration is to plan and look for a Registered Migration Agent of Australia in Chandigarh.  Other than this there is a certainty that one would like to know about the various options one can avail when planning to move to Australia.


Here is all you need to know about the various prospects:


Registered Migration Agent of Australia

Study in Australia



  1. Australia offers top quality education from leading universities which have been ranked among the top 100 global universities.
  2. The lifestyle and weather of the country is favorable all year round which is lucrative to students and migrants to blend in a multicultural community.
  3. The country is known for its friendly student visa policy and welcomes international students with open arm. There is no denying the comfort and security you can receive.
  4. The vocational, artistic, study and research programs are widely available under leading educational institutes for scholars and Indian academicians.
  5. For every budget level and interest there are numerous study courses available.
  6. Even with a low IELTS score you are certainly eligible for many study courses. And Australian institutes are known to accept IELTS/PTE/TOEFL scores. In case you score 1 or half point less you can still apply for Australia study visa with academic English or ELICOS classes.
  7. Part time work opportunity for international students is 40 hours fortnightly which is a viable option to earn while studying.
  8. The reasonable tuition cost is another factor which ranges from AUD 15000 to 30000 for most programs.
  9. There are numerous institutes to choose from vocational college, TAFE college or university. And the Australia study visa is a fairly simple process for which you could seek guidance from a registered migration agent of Australia.
  10. Further, the new SSVF or Simplified Student Visa Framework Australia visa process offers you effective results.


Australia student spouse visa


  1. For international students studying in Australia another bright opportunity is to apply for their Australia spouse dependent visa with their own application under the visa subclass 500. Under the visa policy for spouse of a primary student visa holder for Australia you could apply for dependent visa for spouse and children.
  2. Here your dependent visa holder spouse can work for any employer for 40 hours fortnightly. However, in case the spouse is enrolled in a Master’s or doctoral degree then there is no restriction on the number of hours your spouse can work.
  3. The duration and validity of the dependent spouse visa is equal to the duration of the primary student visa holder.
  4. To ensure that you get effective results your registered migration agent of Australia would require you to provide complete information of your dependents when you are applying for even your own Australia student visa. This is to ensure that later on there is no problem with your application process and in future your dependents could easily join you.
  5. There are ample opportunities for work and study for your spouse and dependent children.
  6. However, to ensure hassle free documentation and effective application results it is important to be careful and provide complete documentation for Australia spouse visa to your registered migration agent of Australia in Chandigarh.


Migrate to Australia



To migrate to Australia for skilled visas applicants may choose from various General skilled migration programs:



A registered MARA agent of Australia can provide you complete information on the benefits of applying for general skilled migration programs for Australia and provide you complete information on how to apply for the different programs.


Your MARA agent of Australia in Chandigarh would provide you with profile assessment where your requirements for Australia migration would be understood and solutions are catered as per your need and requirement of the program.




Australia spouse visa



  1. You could apply for spouse visa or partner visa subclass 309 as temporary visa.
  2. This visa is meant for spouses, permanent residents and de facto partners of PR or citizens of Australia. This visa is associated with the success of residency in Australia.
  3. Under this visa subclass you could study, work and stay in Australia indefinitely until PR under subclass 100 is approved for you. Your registered MARA agent for Australia in Chandigarh is your best guide for the same.
  4. For this your partnership with your spouse or de factor partner should be recognized under Australian law.
  5. The processing time for visa subclass 309 takes around 12 months and for visa subclass 100 it takes about 19 months. Also you could apply for both visas at the same time.
  6. To ensure the sponsorship conditions are met your spouse in Australia should be eligible to sponsor you. Contact West Highlander Registered Migration Agent of Australia in Chandigarh to know about the requirements of the program.



Why West Highlander?



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