Immigration Consultants for Germany in Chandigarh


As compared to many European nations, Germany is immigration friendly and supports the migration of skilled workers and students to the technological hub. The German Immigration Act was revised in 2005 which aimed to address the issue of talent shortage of highly skilled workers in scientific research, Information technology, finances and medicines. With the growing interest of Indians to find prosperous avenues of success and growth it becomes natural that candidates planning to move to Germany would look for Immigration Consultants for Germany in Chandigarh.


There are numerous opportunities for interested candidates who wish to immigrate to Germany. Your Immigration consultants for Germany in Chandigarh can guide you for programs to move to Germany as per your requirements and the experience you have gained over the years.



Germany job seeker program for Immigrating to Germany




One of the options your Immigration consultants for Germany in Chandigarh would guide you on would on the Germany job seeker visa. This visa offers you the pathway for long term residency permit and initially allows you to stay in the country for 6 months and look for a job. For being eligible for Germany job seeker program for immigrating to Germany a candidate would have to fulfill certain requirements such as being a graduate or post graduate from a recognized university in your home country, you also need to have minimum 3 years of work experience and sufficient financial funds to stay in Germany. Your immigration consultants for Germany in Chandigarh can guide you on the documents required for the application process and Germany job seeker visa.




Germany Training/ Internship program for Immigrating to Germany




Another option is to apply for Germany training or internship visa for candidates planning to immigrate to Germany. Without any inhibition of age and gender you can apply for internship or training in your field of interest in Germany. Your immigration consultants for Germany in Chandigarh can assist you in fulfilling the requirements for doing internship as stated by the company offering your internship.




Education Programs for Germany




The most popular choice among international students is the study in Germany program. As Germany offers free education it is the preferred destination with its technological advancement and wide exposure towards gaining knowledge at universities and colleges. There are numerous German universities which focus on particular training prospects of the students. The German universities aim at scientific prospects and research which can be a preferred choice for students focusing on scholarly aspects of learning. Universities of Applied Sciences are another choice which can work for international students planning to take on practical learning experience whereas universities of cooperative education offer both theoretical and practical experience to students. Other than this coop opportunities also offer vocational programs to students. As an international student your immigration consultants for Germany in Chandigarh can guide you with numerous study options in Germany. You can opt for studying in Germany with Bachelor’s Degree Program in case you have completed your senior secondary education with flying colors. Bachelors program lasts for 6 semesters. Masters degree program is beneficial for young Indian minds who wish to enhance their knowledge and open opportunities of employment. The course usually lasts for 4 semesters. Other than this there are options of Dual study programs for vocational training. The fee for German education comprises of tuition fee which is free of cost and the only cost the student has to bear is the cost of accommodation and living in Germany. There are numerous German scholarships too for Indian students. Students can work 120 full days or 240 half days. Your immigration consultants for Germany in Chandigarh can apprise you on the academic requirements and German study visa requirements. On completing your German education you can stay in Germany for 18 months and also apply for EU blue card on finding a job in the particular stream for certain time period.




West Highlander: Immigration consultants for Germany in Chandigarh




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