Top colleges in Germany 2021

Students planning on studying in Germany would like to know the benefits of German education degree prior to knowing the top colleges in Germany 2021. German education offers free of cost education and leading scholarships to brilliant students to begin with. Other than this there are numerous top colleges in Germany 2021 which can ensure you success with your application. Germany has prestigious old institutions along with younger technical universities.

There are more than 50 universities in and around Germany scattered all throughout the country to opt for Germany study program.

Among the total best global institutes in the world 48 educational institutes are from Germany. There are 500 degree courses in bachelor’s and master’s programmes which are taught both in German and English. Another perk of opting for a German study program is that you get paid to learn German language.


Here are 5 top colleges in Germany 2021 for enrolling in the upcoming intake:



LMU Munich



  1. Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich or LMU Munich is the second largest student populated university in Germany.
  2. It attracts a huge number of international students every year and constitutes 13% of the total student body.
  3. Founded in the year 1472 it is the oldest university in the country.
  4. More than 40 Nobel laureates including renowned scientists such as Max Planck, Werner Heisenberg and Otto Hahn are from LMU Munich.
  5. The university since the end of 18th century has strongly focused on natural sciences and from mid 19th century it has created world leading research, discoveries and innovations.
  6. The German Universities Excellence Initiative was launched in 2005 and has poured backing for LMU Munich, as well as other leading universities in the country.


Technical University of Munich



  1. Technical University of Munich was founded in the 19th century and is sole state university dedicated to science and technology.
  2. Initially the university focused on engineering but has stretched out over the years to include social sciences, natural sciences, agriculture, food technology and brewing and medicine.
  3. There are many streams and programs you can opt for within engineering and information technology.
  4. Renowned as the entrepreneurial university it has guided development of the university and now currently boasts of 15 departments across three campuses in and around Munich.
  5. 17 Nobel prizes since 1927 have been awarded in fields such as physics, medicine, chemistry to academicians affiliated to this university.



 Heidelberg University



  1. Heidelberg University was founded in 1386 and is the oldest university in Germany.
  2. The university offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in more than 160 study programmes.
  3. Academicians at Heidelberg have been accountable for founding sub-disciplines of psychiatric genetics, modern sociology and environmental physics.
  4. Heidelberg University has 20 per cent of the student body which is international, representing more than 130 countries. More than a third of research scholars and students are international.
  5. The university is particularly recognized for its innovative research and intellectual contributions across a range of subjects.
  6. 27 Nobel laureates have been associated with Heidelberg University, 9 of who have received the award while being tenured in the university.
  7. Heidelberg boasts of many influential alumni including politicians, philosophers and scientists such as Max Weber-father of modern sociology and Hannah Arendt famous sociologist.
  8. Heidelberg University is famous for being home to German romantic culture and the Old Town and castles are some of the most visited traveler destinations in Germany.


Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin



  1. One of the largest university hospitals in Europe is Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin.
  2. It traces its roots to 1710 when the hospital was made in response to the epidemic in Eastern Prussia.
  3. It amalgamated with other medical institutes in Germany and took on its present name in 2003.
  4. Many eminent scientists and physicians have been part of this university. Be it being an employee or studying at the university including neurologist Carl Wernicke, psychiatrist Karl Leonhard and Rahel Hirsch, the first female medical professor in Prussia.
  5. More than 50% of the German Nobel accolade winners in medicine and physiology have studied or worked at the university.


University of Tübingen



  1. The University of Tübingenis well-known for its programs in humanities, natural sciences and theology.
  2. The university is located in Tübingen, one of the established German university towns of Baden-Württemberg, which is celebrated for its boat trips and the beautiful structural designs of its mature town.
  3. The university has close associations with more than 150 international academic institutions in 62 nations.
  4. Some of these include the University of Michigan, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hilland University of St Andrews.
  5. This provides students with the opportunity to study abroad for one year, or for foreign students to come to Tübingen and take on scientific research programs.
  6. The university boasts of having 11 Nobel laureates as alumni, mainly in the fields of medicine and chemistry which makes this university famous for German study abroad programs.



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