Best Cities in Germany for Indian Students

Best Cities in Germany for Indian Students

For international students to make a decision on which country to choose for studying can be a tough one, in case you have decided on studying in Germany you have made a great choice! Now the question is to choose the best cities in Germany for Indian students can be wide and making a choice can be difficult as each city has a lot to offer. Stunning landscapes, efficient transportation, numerous scholarships, huge and stable economy, world class universities and historical background offer students a lot to explore.

Considering one looks for the best cities in Germany for Indian students based on numerous factors here we have created a list of places which can serve a student’s need and offer a lot to explore.

Best Cities in Germany for International students:

Best Cities in Germany for International students with Universities

Berlin is one of the big cities in Germany. Berlin the capital of Germany has numerous historical sights such as Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie. The hub of art, world-class museums, global dominance in science, industrial, and politics it is one of the most preferred cities by Indian students. There are more than 60 research facilities and numerous higher educational institutions making Berlin an ideal spot for students and explore work opportunities. Berlin offers both English and German language dual institutes so language is not a hindrance for international students. Universities in Berlin:

  1. Humboldt-Universität
  2. Freie Universität
  3. Charité Medical School
  4. Technische Universität
  5. Berlin University of the Arts


Florence of the North as Dresden is called for the beautiful surroundings makes German one of the best cities for international students. Dresden has numerous world-class universities and huge tech companies which means there are diverse opportunities for students to explore. Dresden is a multicultural city which means Indian students will have no trouble adjusting and making Germany a second home. Dresden was completely destroyed during World War II and redeveloped therefore has a strong historical background. Other than this Dresden is a favorite among tech enthusiasts as it has numerous science and technology universities. For Indian students, there are other options too of business, foreign languages, and humanities. Universities in Dresden:

  1. Dresden International University
  2. HTW Dresden – University of Applied Sciences
  3. Palucca University of Dance Dresden
  4. Technische Universität Dresden
  5. SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences
  6. Dresden University of Fine Arts (HfBK)
  7. Dresden School of Management


The largest Japanese Garden and having the longest model railway in the world makes Hamburg an exciting city to be in! With numerous ports and major corporations, the city is an important economic center in Germany. Among the best cities in Germany for Indian students, it is widely preferred by Indian students. The North Sea coast, Elbe river, Alster Lake are some of the most beautiful tourist attractions making a study break a thrilling experience. Other than this nightlife, diverse gastronomic delights and city museums offer a lot to students to check. Some of the most preferred courses in Hamburg by students are languages, law, and management. There are several universities that offer specialization in numerous fields. Further, one can also avail numerous German Scholarships to aid their studies. Universities in Hamburg:

  1.  Universität Hamburg    
  2.  Technische Universität
  3.  Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften
  4.  Helmut-Schmidt-Universität    
  5.  HFH Hamburger Fern-Hochschule          
  6.  Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg         
  7.  Bucerius Law School      
  8. Hochschule für Musik und Theater        
  9. HafenCity Universität
  10. AMD Akademie Mode and Design          
  11. Europäische Fernhochschule Hamburg
  12. Hamburg School of Business Administration     
  13. EBC Hochschule Hamburg          
  14. Kühne Logistics University         
  15. Medical School Hamburg            
  16. Evangelische Hochschule für Soziale Arbeit und Diakonie          
  17.  Brand University of Applied Sciences   
  18. ISS International Business School of Service Management


Luneburg a medieval marvel with red brick gothic buildings and rivers offers a scenic wonder to students. Other than its beauty and charm Luneburg is beneficial for Indian students who are looking to indulge in sustainability and European studies. Universities in Luneburg: Leuphana University Luneburg


Munich is known for offering education through its elite and renowned universities which makes Munich one of the best cities in Germany for Indian students. Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and Technical University of Munich is among the preferred universities however with a strict requirement of intake.  Universities in Munich offer various cutting-edge research opportunities in a multitude of fields. Further, the city is known for German philosophy and spiritual study so in case you are inclined towards the philosophical side of knowledge there is a lot to explore in Munich! Universities in Munich:

  1. AMD Academy Fashion & Design
  2. FHM Schwerin – Fachhochschule des Mittelstands
  3. Hochschule der Bayerischen Wirtschaft (HDBW)
  4. Hochschule Fresenius – University of Applied Sciences
  5. Hochschule Macromedia, University of Applied Sciences
  6. International School of Management (ISM)
  7. Munich Business School
  8. Munich Intellectual Property Law Center
  9. Munich University of Applied Sciences
  10. New European College
  11. Technical University of Munich
  12. Technische Universität Dresden
  13. Universität der Bundeswehr München


Frankfurt is a hub for auto and book expeditions. Being the headquarter of some of the largest banks in Germany and stock exchange centers – the European Central Bank and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange the city has a lot to offer. With numerous zenith teaching skyscrapers and excellent education opportunities in Finances and business, the city is considered among one of the most livable cities in Germany. Universities in Frankfurt:

  1. Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
  2. Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences
  3. Goethe University Frankfurt
  4. Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt am Main
  5. Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste (Städelschule) Frankfurt am Main

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