Germany Student Visa Requirements 2021


For studying in Germany the common worry among Indian students is the Germany student visa requirements 2021. The reasons to study in Germany for Indian students are plenty. Firstly, there are numerous courses to study for students who have keen interest in science, technology, finance and medicine. Secondly, the tuition fee in Germany is zero or almost null as education is financed by the states. Thirdly, there are numerous scholarships one can avail to benefit from. Additionally, there are options of working while studying. Lastly, there are numerous work opportunities for students once they graduate with a globally recognized German degree.


What are the documentary requirements to apply for Germany study visa?



To apply for your Germany study visa you need to apply for visa. Visa fees amounts to €75 and additionally you need to provide further documents in order to support Germany student visa requirements 2021:


Firstly, you need to provide a valid passport and copy of passport’s information page. Secondly, application form along with declaration stating the information is authentic. Thirdly, you need to provide cover letter stating your reasons for your visa application (you might be required to provide a German translation of the documents. Fourthly, you need to provide letter of admission from the German university. Fifthly, you need to provide university certificates and transcripts for previous education. As you would be studying in Germany regardless of your course being in English/Germany you need to provide German language test scores as basic German language course can assist you in comfortably going through the duration. Proof of funds is another requirement which your Germany study visa consultants in Chandigarh can guide you with.


How to apply for Germany study visa?



Candidates are required to follow the steps for German visa application steps to apply for Germany study visa.

Once you receive the admission letter from the German university or college you are planning to study in, ensure you prepare the necessary documents for the Germany student visa application 2021.


You would be required to have photographs and meet the biometric requirements as specified on the official portal. Secondly, you need to fill the application form and provide other documents as suggested by your Germany study visa consultants in Chandigarh.


Once you have the declaration you would have to schedule your appointment for visa interview at the German mission. You would need to provide a demand draft here for the visa fee as per the current exchange rate.



What would be the cost of Germany Study Visa?



To apply for Germany student visa the cost is around 75 Euros. The processing time can be nearly 25 days if all the documents are verified and you took expert advice. Many a time applicants are required to provide additional information or additional documents so it is best to consult your Germany study visa consultant in Chandigarh.



Can I work in Germany during my Germany study program?



As per Germany visa rules, you can work around 180 days halftime or full time 90 days in an academic year. Currently, Germany is the only country where you can do part-time technical job in the area of your expertise. Some universities do offer part-time jobs on campus too and for this you can contact the placement department at the institute you are planning to enroll yourself in.




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