Germany Student Visa Requirements 2021

Germany Study Visa Requirements 2021

Germany has become one of the popular study destinations for students who are looking at the technological advancements and the several prospects the country has to offer. A common question among students who are keen on studying in Germany is the Germany student visa requirements for 2021. Going forward we would be discussing complete information about the same.

Prior to applying for Germany study visa one needs to understand whether there is a requirement for you to and your study program requires you to have one.

  • In case your study program is longer than 3 months duration then you need a Germany student visa for studying in a full time course in a Germany university as an international student.

Germany Study Visa Requirements 2021

Following are the Germany Student Visa requirements 2021:

  1. Visa Application documents-Your Germany student visa consultant in Chandigarh would guide you on the application forms. Along with this you need to provide a valid national passport and passport size photographs.
  2. Financial Resources Proof– Your Germany study advisor would advice you on the blocked account that you would need for Germany student visa. The blocked account is an international student’s German bank account so that you could bear your living expenditure in Germany. A student needs to have €10,332 in the blocked account. Along with this financial income records of the parents are required. If you have a German scholarship one needs to specify the same too.
  3. Proof of University Admission– A student needs to provide confirmation of studies or acceptance letter from the German university for study visa. In case you have been offered a conditional acceptance letter the same needs to be specified in your visa application documents. Proof of university admission would include the education providers’ details (university), acceptance reply card, and enrollment schedule.
  4. Academic records of previous education– Your previous mark sheets and transcripts of academic records are required for the success of your Germany student visa. An applicant
  5. German or English language proficiency-For English an applicant needs to provide an IELTS score of 6.5 for studying in Germany or TOEFL equivalent.
  6. University entrance qualification documents
  7. Health insurance coverage

Applying for Germany study visa 2021

The next step after completing the requirements for Germany student visa is to apply. Here are the steps for applicants planning to apply for German student visa in 2021:

The Germany student visa process can often be challenging and confusing process for international students as the procedure varies from one country to the other.

  1. Locate the nearest Germany embassy or consulate. Check the requirements and set up the visa appointment. Or consult your Germany student visa advisor West Highlander for assistance.
  2. The next step is to review the student visa requirements and procedures and ensure you have all the documents in place before you set yourself for a visa appointment.
  3. Once you have all the documents set yourself for a visa appointment and carry all documents for the visa.
  4. Lastly, an applicant would have to pay the visa application fee of around €60– €75 and have payment confirmation during the time of your visa interview. Your visa officer would ask you your reasons for studying in Germany, knowledge of Germany, future studies in Germany, current academic level, financial status, information about the study field, accommodation plans in Germany, relations in Germany/Europe and plans for the future.

Right time to apply for Germany study Visa 2021

Once you have received the university letter of admission confirming your admission status and you have necessary funds to live in Germany is the Right time for applying for Germany student visa. Your funds are an important aspect of the success of your Germany student visa in case you have not been awarded any official scholarship. Your visa officer would require information of your financial well being in your home country so to ensure you can take care of your financial needs once you are in Germany.

Germany Study Visa Processing Time 2021

The processing time of your Germany Student visa is around one month. A student needs to ensure that they provide complete and accurate documentations for the success of their Germany study visa application. Your Germany study visa consultant in Chandigarh West Highlander is your best advisor and can ensure efficient results are achieved in time. West Highlander has been providing highest application success stories in the region and for free profile assistance for studying in Germany contact us at 9915999677.