Study Abroad Visa Consultants for Germany


The technologically advanced Germany is becoming a popular choice among Indian students to take on the career path. Not only does Germany boast of a strong economy but the easy student visa process and ample opportunities to excel in your career has made it a lucrative choice for international students. Study abroad visa consultants for Germany are the name you would be searching for once you decide to take on the prospect of studying in Germany.


Why study in Germany?


  1. The German universities are a leading name in terms of the progress in terms of research and innovation. This makes it the foremost choice among applicants planning to study in Germany and wish to avail the services of study abroad visa consultants for Germany.
  2. Leading researchers and Nobel prince winters are from Germany which makes it the best place to plan your career abroad dream.
  3. There are more than 13,000 study programs of which 800 are internationally oriented and give you opportunities to ensure you fulfill your dream by best study abroad visa consultants for Germany.
  4. The facilities are highly remarkable for education be it the top class academic approach and opportunities to intensive academic advising for you as a future scholar.
  5. And not to forget that German colleges and universities offer education without any tuition cost.


German Education System



  1. Prior to planning your path to study in a German University you would require to be enrolled in the university and fulfill the document and other requirements as stated by Germany and the university. Your study abroad visa consultants for Germany in Chandigarh are your best guide.
  2. Once you receive your notification of admission from the higher education admission and information for the enrolment period you would be eligible to study in Germany.



Undergraduate Courses in Germany




  1. The current undergraduate program has been introduced in Germany to achieve an internationally competitive degree and study in a structured reduced time of 3 years.
  2. This gives student opportunities to transition from an academic pursuit to employment opportunities and results in an overall development in much lesser time.
  3. Your best study abroad visa consultants for Germany are your best source to understand the requirements and have a successful result.
  4. There are numerous courses technology, marketing, business, finance and arts to choose from for the particular interest you have.





Graduate Courses in Germany



  1. The advanced studies form the second step to the final examination takes about 5 semesters.
  2. The final exams still are the diploma and Magister but are being replaced by a Master’s degree.
  3. The Master’s degree involves a mixture of two equally weighed major subjects or mixture of one major and two minor subjects.
  4. You can obtain a doctoral degree at the university for which the duration is 2 to 4 years and a German scholarship can further assist you in fulfilling this dream. Your study abroad visa consultants for Germany in Chandigarh can assist you in successfully fulfilling your study abroad dream.




Summer Programs in Germany




  1. Summer vacations in Germany are from July to mid-October and you can opt for number of courses and enhance your skills.
  2. There are number of great opportunities to learn a language, culture or various add on courses as per your specialization.
  3. A study abroad visa consultants for Germany can ensure that you are aware of all the opportunities you can avail.



 Requirements to study in Germany


  1. For any of these courses having a good proficiency in English and hold on the German language is must.
  2. You would be required to provide an IELTS score and ensure you fulfill the requirements as stated by the University you are planning to enroll in.
  3. The fee structure would depend on the course you are planning to enroll in.
  4. The living cost, as a rule of thumb is around 500 to 660 euro per month for a course of study in Germany which can provide you a modest lifestyle.
  5. You can always work while studying part time and this provides assistance to reduce financial burden while ensuring you get the best standard of education.
  6. For any documentation your best study abroad visa consultants for Germany can ensure that you get secure application process.




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