How to Write an Effective GTE statement for Australia

One of the very important requirements study in Australia applicants need to meet is of GTE. GTE stands for Genuine Temporary entrant. Students need to meet these GTE requirements as part of their Australia study visa process. Whether you are a student aspiring to Bachelors or a Masters or any other course, students applying for visa subclass 500 for Australia need to satisfy the TE requirements.

How can Australia student visa aspirants address GTE requirements?

As a part of the Study in Australia process you need to write a GTE statement. It is a personal statement written by the applicants .The success of your Study in Australia admission as well as visa application largely depends on this. Applicants must take care that their GTE statement is well drafted and a reflection of their circumstances. Applicants must provide evidence of the facts they mention in this personal statement. Any point which does not have evidence to support may not be of great value to support the Australia study visa application. This is very important as while making a decision on your student visa application the case officer looks into your personal circumstances to assess whether you are genuine students whose wishes to visit Australia only to study.

What are the points to be mentioned in the GTE statement or how to write a good GTE statement for Australia?

This is a common query among students. As explained above your GTE statement must be well drafted. Students may include the following points in the personal statement and provide evidence of the same along with the Australia study visa application

Point 1 Previous study

Applicants need to mention about their previous study in this. This is the first point you must take care of. Mention in this GTE statement for Study in Australia about the qualifications you have completed. Provide detailed information like the name of the school, college or University. What was the duration of the study? As an evidence of the qualification attach your certificates.

Point 2 Work experience

If you have any work experience mention this in the statement. It is not only enough to write that you have so and so many years of experience as a particular designation. You need to mention details like the name of the company or firm which employed you, the location of the company, what was the duration of the work experience; what was your job designation. These are the things the applicants must mention in the GTE statement. One must also be very careful about providing the contact details of the concerned person who can confirm your employment.

As an evidence of your work experience applicants may attach

  • Experience letters
  • Salary slips
  • Bank account statement where salary is credited
  • Income tax returns.

There is range of other documents which you can provide in support of your application. An experienced and a qualified Australia study visa consultant can help you prepare and guide you about the GTE sample statement for Australia

Point 3 Any Gaps in your previous studies

This is very important part to be addressed if there is any kind of gap. If left unanswered it may result in refusal of your Australia study visa application. If there are any gaps be truthful and mention about the same in the personal statement. It is not just enough to mention that you had a gap. Be specific about the reasons of your gap. Attach any verifiable evidence to support your claims.

Point 4 – Your home ties

This is again very important to address in your GTE Statement. One of the assessing factors of your Australia study visa application is that the case officer must be satisfied that you have enough ties to your home country so that you would depart Australia once you complete your studies. Here the applicant may mention about their family, their social ties. The applicants may mention about the financial ties, their family income. As explained above the applicants must attach the evidence of all the claims they make in their personal statement for study in Australia

Point 5 your economic standing in your country

This plays a very important role in assessing the GTE of your Australia student visa application. Here the applicants may mention about their employment or any other business activity they many have been involved in for about a year before they apply for the study visa for Australia. If you have any potential offer letter to work after you complete your study you may mention this in your statement. Provide evidence of this potential employment which may have positive impact on your GTE assessment for Australia study visa.

Point 6 Relevance of your course to your background

This is of utmost importance. The course you wish to pursue for study in Australia must be a logical progression of your previous qualification and any work experience you may have. Write in your GTE statement how this course is relevant. Connect the propose course to your present academic background

Point 7 Research about the course

This is again very important point. Students must mention about the research they have done about their studies in Australia. I research the students must include the following

  • Why study in Australia?
  • Why not study in other foreign country like Canada, New Zealand?
  • Why did not you choose to study in your home country?
  • What are the similar courses available in your home country and why did not you choose those courses?
  • Why did you choose this particular course for study in Australia?
  • Which were the other universities you researched about in Australia and other countries?
  • Why did you choose this university?
  • Why this particular course?

Above are few of the points the applicants must mention in their research part. This is very important and a great indication of you being a genuine entrant in Australia. The visa officer needs to be satisfied that you are a genuine student whose only intention to go to Australia is to study.  The genuine applicant foes a serious research and makes a conscious decision.

Point 8 Career outcomes you expect to have completion of the course

This is another very important point which must be covered in your GTE statement for Australia. The case officer would like to know the value your course in Australia would provide to you in future. This is a very important part of the GTE application assessment. Students need to mention about the career outcomes they expect to have once they successfully complete their study in Australia. Mention about the jobs you may land into. It is not sufficient to mention that you would be able to get job in this designation or field. Be specific about the job designation and tentative salaries attached with that designation. Mention the name of few companies where those designations are in place. Attach with your personal statement the evidence of all this research you have conducted about your future prospects once you have successfully completed your course in Australia

As explained above the success of your Australia study visa largely depends on you being a genuine student. So the students must prepare an effective GTE statement. For this the applicants need to understand the requirements thoroughly. Your study in Australia consultant can help you with this. West Highlander having office near passport office Chandigarh is one of the best Australia study visa consultants in Chandigarh. They have been guiding students for study in Australia since their inception in 2005. In case you are looking for a registered MARA agent in Chandigarh for your Australia student visa then West Highlander is the study abroad consultant for you. They have qualified EATC counsellor as a core team member and can help you out all your queries for Australia. West Highlander immigration based in Sector 34 A has a good track record of Australia study visa.