Licensed Immigration Advisors For New Zealand

Licensed Immigration Advisors For New Zealand Non-Exempt Visas Offshore

Nowadays, individuals like businessmen, investors or entrepreneurs are turning towards the New Zealand country because of the business opportunities it offers to them. Another reason that most of the people would like to move to this country is because of the facilities it provides such as unique lifestyle, healthcare or medical facilities, educational facilities etc. It is important that every individual who is moving to the New Zealand country should comprehend the significance of advisers that are licensed. Without consulting with a licensed immigration advisers, an individual may have to face a lot of complexities. Thus, for the eradication of any problems business people, investors or other individuals should ensure that they have consulted the licensed immigration adviser for their visa application and approval. The visa requirements of the country are little restrictive because of the security purposes.

You require New Zealand Immigration advisory authority to advice on all the immigration matters except for the following under the act 2007 immigration advisers licensing:

  • Individuals who offer the advice on immigration in an informal way or in the context of family.
  • Parliament member or the staff who delivers advice on immigration as the part of employment agreement.
  • Persons who belong to the foreign diplomat or consular staff as per the protect act under diplomatic privileges and immunities 1968 or consular Privileges and Immunities Act 1971.
  • Lawyer doesn’t require any licenses.
  • An individual who is employed by or working as the citizen of New Zealand.
  • Individuals who provides advice on immigration offshore in association to the applications for student visas only.

West Highlander is one of the best- licensed immigration advisers in India and the company has successfully served more than 5000 customers. Our company has always focused on not only offering the services that are legal and ethical but also full of satisfaction to the customers or clients. Mrs. Parwinder Kaur, Operations director of the company is accredited with IAA-Immigration Agents authority. This is one of the licenses in the country that are helpful in protecting and promoting the people interested through the advice of New Zealand immigration by issuing licenses to the services. This license ensures that the services of the company are completely authorised and verified. The team of the company always confirm the following of rules and regulations so that the case can be completed successfully and without any hassle. The company has encompassed visas of the New Zealand country in its services and they are:

Business migration service concludes New Zealand business visa-Entrepreneur resident visa and work visa whereas investor visas entail New Zealand investor 1 resident and investor 2 resident visas. The family visa services of the company include family/friends-group visas, spouse & dependent child visa and parents, family or friends visa.