List of Best Colleges in Australia 2024 for Nursing Courses

Australia provides a variety of options if you’re hoping to accelerate your career, pursue a top-notch degree, or continue your education there. In terms of standard of life, academic excellence, and support for international students, Australia is hard to beat, whether you want to pursue a Medical degree, engineering degree, humanities program, or English language course. It’s one of the most sought-after locations for Indian students because of its excellent educational standards, wide range of course options, and post-study employment chances. Study in Australia allows you to select from thousands of courses offered by universities and other educational establishments, earn degrees that are recognized throughout the world, look into different scholarship options, and learn from the top teachers in the world. Australia’s universities encourage originality, inventiveness, and self-reliance. Studying and living in Australia, international students quickly discover that their education is demanding, enjoyable, and fulfilling. You may anticipate living, developing, and learning as an international student in Australia. A young, welcoming nation full of opportunity. International students who graduate with honors will quickly discover that they are competitive in the global employment market of today.

International students have a wide range of possibilities when it comes to studying nursing in Australia. The nation is home to some of the top nursing programs in the world, offering students a top-notch education and hands-on training to get them ready for promising careers in healthcare.  It is said that a shortage might come in Australia for the nursing department. This makes Australian nursing programs highly sought after due to the type of post-study employment options they provide. Furthermore, for International students who are keen to study in Australia and are passionate about healthcare, and nursing programs, study in Australia will offer them an interesting career path.

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Why study nursing in Australia?

The majority of workers in the health system are nurses, and they play a crucial role in the delivery of healthcare. Since they spend most of their time interacting with patients, they are in a unique position to advocate for patient care and tell others including, the doctors, about the needs and progress of their patients. This includes being at patients’ sides during important life events like births, illnesses, and recoveries. Oftentimes, nurses serve as a vital conduit between physicians and patients.

People around the globe have always valued nurses and so have Australians. They are liked for a variety of reasons, such as the fact that they prioritize helping others and that nursing is a profession known for its high ethical standards. These are a few of the major advantages that make nursing the top choice for anyone wishing to pursue nursing and make a career out of it. Australian universities are well-known throughout the world for their instruction in nursing programs. There is a high demand for nursing courses in Australia since they provide a stable and rewarding job. Enrolling in nursing programs in Australia opens up job opportunities both domestically and internationally. Following are a few benefits of studying nursing: World-class nursing programs, high growth potential, rising demand, high-paying jobs, and globally accepted degrees. Thus a student planning to study nursing should consider study in Australia. Also, it is important for international students to have an Australia student visa.

List of Best Colleges in Australia 2024 for Nursing Courses

Nursing is one of the most respectable and highly in-demand jobs in Australia at the moment. Study in Australia is a great opportunity for any student and if a student plans to do a nursing course there then it will be of great benefit to him or her. A number of colleges or universities in Australia provide students with courses in nursing. They welcome international students also to join their universities. It is very important for an international student to have an Australia study visa in order to study in Australia. Because there are so many employment options in nursing, nursing is a challenging course of study for students. Australia is a top choice for nursing education due to its state-of-the-art educational facilities and abundance of employment prospects. Consequently, academics need to be aware of Australia’s best nursing universities, which provide top-notch learning environments for students from across the world. Following is a List of Best Colleges in Australia 2024 for Nursing Courses:

  • University of Sydney
  • Monash University
  • The University of Melbourne
  • Griffith University
  • Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
  • Deakin University
  • University of Wollongong
  • Australian Catholic University
  • Queensland University
  • La Trobe University
  • Western Sydney University

Thus, these are a few of the colleges that provide a range of nursing course options to students. These universities accept students, and they have excellent teaching strategies and a strong emphasis on education in Australia. As a result, a curious student can go further and select a program that works for them. You can also get in touch with West Highlander, and after reviewing your profile, we can help you with your applications to Australian universities and obtain your Australia study visa or Australia student visa.

Eligibility and Fee for nursing courses

The requirements for admission are exclusively set by the Australian program you wish to enroll in. When choosing a program to study in Australia, international students should be mindful to look for ones that are connected to their previous coursework or professional experience. The requirements for each university can be different. For example, to study in Australia an international student needs to possess an Australia student visa. Thus it is important to thoroughly go through the requirements and fee structure of a university, some of the universities with their eligibility and fee structure are mentioned below:

University of Sydney: If you pass any of the following English language exams within two years of the course start date, you will have satisfied the English language requirements: IELTS ratings minimum score in each band and an aggregate minimum score of 7.0. Score on the TOEFL-IBT a minimum score of 96 overall, including minimum scores of 24 in speaking, 27 in writing, and 24 in reading and listening. In Pearson’s English Language Test a minimum score in each band and an aggregate minimum score of 68. The fee for the course is approximately AUD 45,500.

Monash University: The Bachelor of Nursing degree trains you to become a nurse in 3 years. English entry criteria IELTS Academic total score of 7.0, with minimum scores in Speaking, Writing, Listening, and Reading of 7.0. Also, the cost is 48 credit points, which is equivalent to a typical full-time year’s worth of coursework. The 2024 fee is AUD 41,100.

University of Melbourne: To be eligible to apply for the Master of Nursing Science program, you must have a bachelor’s degree in any field, or its equivalent, finished no more than ten years before the application date; or An older bachelor’s degree plus either five years of verified relevant work experience or more recent graduate study that indicates the applicant’s current capacity for graduate study. Performance band 7 on one of the IELTS exams is necessary for applicants who wish to fulfill both of these requirements by using one of the standard tests authorized by the Academic Board.

Also, the fee for the entire course is estimated to be around AUD 49,331.

Similarly, all the universities have different criteria for enrolment. Some of the universities might have similar criteria based on the course you are applying for. Further, we will discuss different programs in which students can enroll themselves for studying nursing courses. It is important for an international student to have an Australia study visa to study in Australia.

Programs for Nursing Courses

Many universities in Australia provide students with nursing courses. Australia has offered various bachelor’s, master’s, and research programs to students to learn from them. They welcome international students also to study in Australia. An international student has to possess an Australia student visa to study any course there. The programs provided from the List of Best Colleges in Australia 2024 for Nursing Courses are given below:

Name of Programs Name of University
Bachelor of Nursing

Master of Nursing Practioner

Queensland University
Bachelor of Nursing (Honors) Griffith University
Bachelor of Nursing (Advance Clinical Nursing) Monash University
Master of Nursing

Masters in Nursing (Research)

La Trobe University
Master of Nursing Science The University of Melbourne
Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced Studies) University of Sydney
Bachelor of Nursing

Master of Nursing

Deakin University
Master of Nursing University of Wollongong
Bachelor of Nursing

Master of Nursing (Research)

University of Technology Sydney
Bachelor of Nursing Australian Catholic University
Master of Nursing

Bachelor of Nursing

Western Sydney University

Scholarship options for studying in Nursing Colleges in Australia

There are many scholarships that students can avail of while they plan to study in Australia. The expense of living in Australia and other expenses can be heart-wrenching, therefore scholarships for studying can be a blessing in disguise. There are some scholarships that can be taken by international students as well. The scholarships are mainly financed by the university itself, the private institutions, and professional associations. A full scholarship, which covers living expenses, health insurance, term grants, relocation expenses, and other advantages, may be awarded to a qualified candidate. Prestigious Australian universities usually award scholarships to Indian students. Some of these scholarships are given below:

  • WA Regional Bursary for TAFE International Students
  • Sir James McNeill Postgraduate Research Scholarship
  • University of Wollongong Diplomat Scholarship
  • University Excellence Scholarship
  • University of Wollongong Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health International School Scholarship

Thus there are many other such scholarships for students to apply for. Students can also contact West Highlander for more details and for guidance in applying to a university or program or for an Australia study visa.

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