Dependent Visa Refusal

Main Reasons of Refusal in Spouse Dependent Visa Cases

If your  spouse visa application has recently been rejected, then you need to know the reasons behind the refusal. Apart from providing sufficient documentation, there are various other factors to consider that can play a vital role in getting your  spouse or dependent visa granted.  In this article, the experts of West Highlander are going to put light on the top reasons for refusal of dependent visa.  Let’s have a quick look at the top reasons.

Insufficient Documentation:You are required to present several necessary documents in support of your visa application.  If you do not submit required documents in support of your  spouse visa application, then there are chances  that your visa application may get rejected. Therefore, know beforehand, what all documents you require to present along with your visa application. Marriage certificate, Photographs, communication proofs etc. and other docs that prove genuineness of relationship

Insufficient Finances: – If the evidences provided are deemed insufficient or incomplete, then also your visa application may get rejected.  However, other reasons are- no evidence of finances, insufficient finances or incomplete documents of finances. You or your partner need to have financial means to support you while on  spouse visa.

Obligations: – Once you have solved the purpose of stay, you must return to home country. If the obligation to return to home country is not shown, then also you may get rejected.  If no social, economical or professional ties in the home country are shown or obligations shown are not deemed sufficient, then also your visa application may get rejected. This is specially applicable where you are considered for visitor or limited visa. Provide enough evidence that your application may be considered for other visa options under  dependent visa.

Character Concerns: – When applying for  dependent visa, you need to pass through the character test. Chances are there that you will fail in the character test if you have a criminal record, have been associated with the people who are involved in criminal activities,  danger to the society or have been found harassing, molesting or stalking another person.   If you fail in character test, you can still make submissions after getting right legal advice. Your  spouse visa may be rejected if you presented any misleading information.

Health Concerns:Applicants applying for  dependent visa must meet strict health requirements.  The health requirements for the temporary and permanent visas may differ.  The type of health assessment would directly depend upon what kind of activities you are going to have and length of stay.  You will undergo a medical examination and chest x-ray for the diseases like Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B and HIV.

Bona fide Relationship:–  When applying for  spouse visa, you must prove that your marriage is bona fide or genuine. This can be proved by presenting by photocopy of the marriage documents such as photographs showing spouse together with friends and family members, exchange of letters before the marriage, birth certificates of children, evidence of savings account, photo ID cards, driver’s licenses, and real estate property deeds, etc. If you fail to prove that your relationship with your partner is bona fide, then chances are there that you may get visa refusal.

Those were several grounds on which your   dependent visa can be refused or rejected.  It is suggested to take advice from an experienced and Licensed Immigration Adviser, who can advice you on the outcomes so that chances of visa rejection can be avoided.  For more information on the various reasons of dependent visa refusal, appeal or review feel free to contact experts of West Highlander.