SkillSelect Program for Australia Skilled Worker Visas

The SkillSelect program is introduced by the Australian government. It offers an effective method for managing the skilled workers in the states or territories of Australia. From 1st July 2012 onwards, SkillSelect is the only possible way through which applicants can get nominated for a territory or state skilled migration. This program makes the nomination procedure more efficient and easy.

Visas for skilled workers in Australia are granted to overseas applicants. You can work and live in Australia. People applying for these visas are evaluated according to points based test that includes age, work experience, English skills and educational qualifications. They need to secure minimum points to become eligible for a specific skilled worker visa.  You can have sponsorship or nomination by an employer or relative. The visa assessing authorities have to be submitted with your full and complete required documentation.

Skilled Worker Visas of Australia are largely based on the type of qualifications and skills required by the territory or state governments of Australia. Applicants are required to submit an (EOI) Expression of Interest following this category of visa. It is vital that the occupation of an applicant is featured in the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List of Australia. After submitting an EOI, you need an invitation from the respective state or territory governments, to lodge a visa application.

The main advantage of SkillSelect is you need not wait for a longer time to complete your visa process. When a territory or state nominates a candidate, their visa application will be given higher priority. Immigration to Australia through this visa includes some obligations such as remaining or residing in a territory or state that has nominated an applicant. You can migrate to Australia with this visa in a more successful way by adding more than one skilled visa in a single EOI. You need not submit any documentation to substantiate your claims at the EOI stage. The EOI submitted as part of the SkillSelect program will remain submitted for up to two years. Hence, it is essential to remember that your points total should meet the pass marks of a specific visa.

After fulfilling the prescribed conditions of a visa, you can apply for Australian PR.  Permanent Residency permit is useful in the processing of your citizenship in Australia. Hence, Australia Skilled Worker Visa is the best and highly successful one that helps you in realizing your dream of getting settled in Australia.

If you are intending to move to Australia under such visa option, it will be best if you will be assisted by a registered and experienced company like West Highlander. Being overseas, you may not have fast and easy access to the information that you will need in order to put together a comprehensive personal information package to accompany your application.

Working in Australia could be your way to gain entry and possible permanent residency in Australia. Complying with all requirements of skilled visa makes you eligible to apply for Australian citizenship. The key is to evaluate your options carefully and choose the best Australian visa category under which you should apply