Moving overseas is a big chore for every individual because you take a lot of time to feel it as your home and to understand what things are to explore around you.

When it comes to New Zealand, the country has also its own rules which everyone has to follow, no matter he is a citizen or overseas national. Therefore, before taking a decision of moving into this country, one needs to understand what is available and what you can choose from?

Before making your mind, you must plan everything that will diminish stress and make it easier to settle in the country with Skilled Migration Program. Let’s have a glance at few things you should do when you arrive Kiwi’s land and help you settle quickly:

Find schools for your children

Having Kids? Then, settling them is the priority of every parent hence you find a good school.  Getting your toddler into early education is optional but kids aged 6-16 years have to go school.

IRD number

As you arrive in New Zealand with Skilled Migration Program, the first and most important task you need to do is applying for an IRD number so you are taxed at the right rate, right from when you start work.

Look for a job

Once you arrive in New Zealand, you need to look for a job to survive in the country. Therefore, the tips can help you out of the mess:

Do participate in local programs that help newcomers like how to find work in New Zealand. National online skilled migrant recruitment program is an excellent option for foreign nationals. The program is funded by Immigration New Zealand and provided by the Auckland Chamber of Commerce.

There are various other employment support programs available in the country which include Newcomer matching program, job mentor programs, and training in the skills required for the country’s workplace. The tips can support you in preparing for New Zealand and also helps you to find the best job in no time.

New Zealand’s driving license

Usually, overseas nationals can drive in New Zealand with their home country license for the first 12 months. But after some time you need to convert your license into a New Zealand driver’ license. You need to know the country’s road rules if you are planning to drive here.

 Finding a doctor

Once you reach in the country and know where you will be living, you would need to find a doctor – General Practitioner or GP for you and your family members. One must need to get enrolled with the local Primary Health Organization (PHO). You can find their contacts listed on the health page of each region of New Zealand Immigration

If you are skilled and wondering New Zealand along with your family– Skilled Migration Program is the best option to settle in Kiwi’s land. You not enjoy benefits alone but your family members are also allowed to have all the benefits as you. There are a numerous categories fall under skilled migration program, you just need to find and apply for a most suitable job.

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