spouse visa NZ


Australia- the land of Kangaroos is fantabulous country, especially for overseas to live, work and operate a business. It has become one of the most favorite countries of millions of people across the world. It has a world class cities, quality life, high employment rate, great working conditions, etc. You may have seen most people moving to Australia on temporary basis i.e. student visa or work visa and more. An individual who goes to Australia finds it a suitable place to get settled.

If you want to visit and live permanently with your partner in OZ, an expert immigration consultant can help you better in choosing a right visa. We suggest you to apply forAustralian partner visa (subclass 309).

The visa has been crafted for the spouse or de facto partner of a permanent citizen, citizen or eligible New Zealand citizen to visit and stay with their partner in Australia.

Eligibility Requirements

You will only get the visa if you are either married or in a de facto relationship with a person who has Australian permanent resident, an Australian citizen, an Eligible citizen of New Zealand.

This visa is a temporary visa to stay in the land of Kangaroos for a particular time. Subclass 309 visa is a first step to get the permanent Australian partner visa. The aspirant has to submit only one application for this visa and also require paying the charge of it. Remember one thing that you should be residing outside Australia at the time of applying and on the grant of Australia partner visa.

Advantages of Provisional visa Subclass 309

  • One can live with his or herAustralian partner visa
  • Can study in the country but there won’t be any government funding
  • Can do job in Australia
  • You are eligible to get enrolled in a healthcare scheme (Medicare) in Australia

Your file will be assessed considering several aspects by Immigration and you need to understand that an incomplete application or any missing document may lead to rejection. This will make your morale get down and waste your precious time. Therefore, you must have a guidance of expert immigration consultant who can assist you regarding the submitting an EOE, proper visa category and further Australian visa procedure.

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