How to avoid refusal on GTE grounds for Study in Australia?

GTE is a very important aspect of your Study in Australia Visa application. GTE statement writing requires you to put forth your present circumstances along with how the proposed course would benefit you in terms of your career growth very clearly. If you are successful in doing so there are very high chances of your Australia student visa being successful.
One of the common reasons for refusal on GTE is as below
I find that you have not displayed how the proposed course may be valuable to your future in your home country
You may avoid this refusal reason if you take care of the following four points and mention them in this part of the GTE letter

  • Clearly mention about your for post-study plans
  • List potential companies to work for
  • State specific career positions
  • Research and write about wage increases post-study

Post Study Plans
Be very clear about your post study plans. Lack of clarity may put doubts about your Study in Australia intention. You are spending a considerable amount of your family saving hence the case officer expects you to be very clear and specific about this. General and vague plans may result in your Australia student visa being refused.
Potential companies to work for
Merely mentioning that you would find a good job in a good company will not serve the purpose. You need to be very specific about your career opportunities. It is very important to mention about some potential companies. Now you may not be sure that you will get a particular job in a particular company but the research you have dome mentioning specific companies show your genuine intent to Study in Australia.
Specific Career positions
List about some career positions you may become eligible for once you complete your proposed study in Australia. As for instance mentioning that after completing your course in IT you will find a good job in a multinational IT company. This may not serve the purpose as you have not mentioned about job title. An appropriate point may be that you will become eligible for the position of a network engineer, data analyst etc based on the course you may be doing.
Wage Increase
A very important point to take care of is of wage increase. How will your study in Australia help you with wage increase in your home country? Again it is very important to be specific here. General answers may appear to be vague to the visa officer resulting in decline based on your GTE.
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