Has your Australia Student Visa Got Rejected?

Australia has become a favourite destination for international students.  Though education in Australia is quite expensive if we compare it to other major countries such as USA, UK and Canada, still it has garnered the attention and interest of the number of International students. Australian government introduced streamlined visa processing in the year 2011 for university students. Same time, GTE rule was also introduced. Because of these reasons, the number of refusal cases also increased.

According to Australian Immigration and Citizenship, GTE could not affect your student visa application if you wish to study in Australia.  However, candidates may think how visa officer is going to assess if the wish of the student planning to study in Australia is genuine or not.  Your visa application can get rejected if you fail to meet certain requirements:-

  • The applicant failed to meet the amount specified by the department in order to meet the living costs and travel costs in Australia. In case, you are using a sponsor for the course, you need to provide minimum 3 months bank statements.
  • If you are having a gap in your employment or education, then you would be required to demonstrate why you could not get a job for many years.
  • If the student who is applying for a visa is not aware of his/her course, location or name of the institution on Australia, then the immigration officer may assume that the applicant is not serious about studying in Australia.
  • If you have produced bogus or fraudulent documents, your visa can get rejected. Let us say for an example, if you have tried to alter your figures of income tax or salaries and considering it will not get noticed or verified.
  • If you fail to respond from the request of the embassy or immigration officer regarding additional information or documents
  • You do not have future plans regarding the purpose study course program in Australia

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