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Important aspects to Know about K3 and K4 Visa to stay in the US

The visa ‘K3’ allows US citizen to sponsor his or her spouse living abroad even you can sponsor your kids under K4 visas. It also offers them to get employment authorization while they are waiting. After getting K3 status you are eligible to bring his or her family members under K4 visa. K3 visa is linked with the unmarried children who are below 21 years old. The visa is willing in shortening the separation between the overseas citizen and US citizen Spouses. K3 visa holder becomes eligible to secure the permanent residency if his or her petition is approved by the Department of Homeland Security and US citizenship and immigration services.

If USCIS consents the From I-129 K-3 visa petition before it approves the Form I-130 immigrant petition. An overseas spouse doesn’t have to wait for the immigrant visa process to be completed. USCIS forwards the approved I-129F to the United States. When your spouse arrives in the US on a K-3 Visa, he or she may apply for a green card. Both visa holders need to provide proof stating that they would not become a public charge in the United States. This also comprises financial documents stating K3 and K4 visa candidates can support themselves or the US Citizen can provide support. They can pick to submit the U.S. citizen spouse’s Form I-134, Affidavit of Support, or the U.S. immigration may educate them to do so.

Let’s explore the eligibility criteria of K3visa and K4 visa given below:

You are married to US citizen
Need to have Pending Form I-30 Petition for Alien Relative
Approved I-129F Petition

Eligibility for K-4 Visas

  • Unmarried
  • Under 21
  • Child of a Qualified K3 Visa Applicant
  • Must be listed on form I-129F

Advantages of K-3 and K-4 Visas

You may enjoy various benefits that come under a K3 visa or K4 visa. People who have such visa can apply to adjust status to a permanent resident at any time. Moreover, they may secure employment authorization.

K3 and K4 Visa Limitations

There are some limitations having K3 Visa or K4 visa such as K3 or K4 visa holders cannot transform their status to another temporary visa category. If the Form I-130 or From I-485 is rejected and a divorce with the US citizen spouse, the K3 visa could automatically expire after 30 days. K4 status expires when K3’s status expires. Both visa holders are allowed to the US for a maximum of 2 years. They may extend their status.

Documents required for K3 visa

  • Need to provide Birth Certificate
  • You must have Current Marriage Certificate
  • Medical Examination
  • Need to have Valid Passport for Travel Evidence of Financial Support (Form I-134, Affidavit of Support) may be required
  • Form DS-160 (Online Non-immigrant Visa Application)
  • Past Divorce/Death of Spouse Certificates
  • Police Certificates
  • Two 2×2 Photographs
  • Evidence of Relationship with U.S. Citizen Spouse

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