New Zealand Business Visa – Entrepreneur Work Visa

Attractive option for a businessman to migrate to  New Zealand with family.


New Zealand entrepreneur work visa is for experienced Business owners and entrepreneurs based on which one can settle in New Zealand permanently along with their families.

Benefit of doing business in New Zealand

  New Zealand is a great place to do business. It has got everything a businessman desires- stable political environment, excellent infrastructure, skilled workforce, transparent and well regulated business environment. New Zealand provides a safe, easy, low-risk environment to invest and do business. It’s easy to do business in New Zealand. New Zealand has a straightforward, business-friendly taxation system that supports capital development, research and development and international investment. The immigration policies encourage investors, entrepreneurs and businessmen.


The applicant must provide documentary evidence of legally acquired capital investment of $ 100000. You must score 120 points for various factors of age, business experience, capital investment, projected investment in New Zealand, Number of job creation supported by business plan


The initial entrepreneur work visa is granted for 12 months. Once you show Immigration New Zealand that you have taken steps toward establishing your business in New Zealand the balance of 2 years of visa is granted to you and any dependent family members.  On fulfilling the conditions and establishing business as per your business plan you can get permanent business migration to New Zealand under Entrepreneur Resident Visa. The duration of the visa of your family is same as your visa.

Business Plan

 An integral part of the Business migration visa process is business plan. Business migration specialist approves the business plans based on their assessment of meeting the objective of Entrepreneur instructions. The business plan must state how the business meets at least one of the characteristics identified in the Entrepreneur objective of high growth, innovation and export potential.

Business plan is very crucial for successful entrepreneur work visa application. Business migration specialist makes decision based on your research about your proposed business activity, financial forecasts and how you propose to achieve those financial targets. The success of your business migration visa application depends on your business plan which must have facts and figures. If one cannot support the proposed financial forecasts with relevant data there is almost no chance for the success of your application.

Immigration New Zealand is very specific about business plans. It must not be a generic template taken randomly from anywhere. It must reflect your research about your proposed business in New Zealand and cover all the aspects as mentioned in the entrepreneur work visa instructions.

If one cannot support the proposed financial forecasts with relevant data there is almost no chance for the business proposal to get through. Services of a business investment and migration visa Specialist who has got experience and exposure in handling the cases is a must.

Applying Resident visa

Once you have established your business as per the business plan you are eligible to apply for Entrepreneur resident visa which allows you to stay in New Zealand indefinitely.

A permanent resident can live, work and study in New Zealand without any restriction.

Multiple Entry Visa

Entrepreneur Work Visa for New Zealand is a multiple entry visa so along with establishing a business in New Zealand you can also look after your business in your home country.

Benefits for family dependents

 You need not pay international fees for your children. Your children are entitled for education benefits as a domestic student. Your spouse can work. You enjoy the lifestyle of one of the most livable countries of the world. New Zealand  is one of safest countries to live, study and work

Processing Time

The processing time for the Entrepreneur work visa applications is about 10 months.

Why West Highlander

Services of a business investment and migration visa specialist consultant who has got experience and exposure in handling the business visa cases is a must. West Highlander based in Chandigarh has years of experience in dealing with business visas and have till date successfully served business migration clients. Our team is qualified, licensed, regulated and experienced .We provide our clients with unmatchable services. We provide accurate assessment and thus ensure high success rate of our client’s visa applications. One of the key personnel of team West Highlander is a Licensed Immigration Adviser licensed by Immigration adviser Authority New Zealand is specialised in handling business migration visa applications

  • Licensed IAA Adviser
  • Relocation Support
  • Licensed & Regulated
  • Accurate Assessment

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Low Taxes
Hassle Free Regulation
High Living Standard
Health Care & Education for Family
  • Features and Benefits:

    • Temporary visa for 3 Years with a very friendly pathway to permanent residency.
    • All family members included in the application – no separate processing for other family members: spouse and dependents under 19 years
    • Compulsory requirement: only investment of NZD 100000 and IELTS 4 Band overall.
    • No compulsory requirements of qualification and dependent English language. Dependents can purchase ESOL at later stage while applying for PR
    • You do not need to own a business if you have relevant senior management experience, have an investment of NZD 100000 & IELTS 4 band you may qualify to apply.
    • No maximum age restriction to qualify for this visa for the main applicant
    • 2 step process; steps giving clarity above the stages of application
    • Total processing time of 10 Months
    • Transparent and systemized visa process

    • One of the main benefits of this visa is that it offers permanent residency to the applicant but for obtaining the permanent residency it is important that he/she should fulfill the criteria amended by the officials.
    • To gain the permanent residency a person should be holding the entrepreneur work visa and should be able to work in the business at least for two years. The applicant should have initiated the capital investment and must have created jobs. All the obligations are required to be compiled and in any case, if the running business period is not two years then extra requirements must be completed.
  • Eligibility

    • Very easy eligibility conditions. One needs to have an investment of NZD 100000 only and Functional English level which is equivalent to overall IELTS 4 band. It is not compulsory to be a business owner if you have senior management experience and have the investment capability and score 120 points you may apply for this visa along with your family.
  • Qualifying Criteria

    • A person needs to score 120 points for various factors to qualify for this visa. A person gets points for various attributes of age, intended capital investment, business experience, full-time jobs to be created for New Zealand residents, business exports etc.
  • Steps in process

    • Step-1: Gather Documents documentation relevant to your business in your home country
    • Step-2: Prepare detailed business plan as per your proposed business in New Zealand. The business must not be more 3 months old
    • Step-3: Arrange for your medicals from a panel Doctor and arrange for your Police Clearance Certificates
    • Step-4: Submit your complete application
  • Free online Assessment

    • Understanding the relevant visa policy and current procedures in place are very crucial for the success of the initial visa application. It’s not only about getting initial visa but also making the right investments and meeting the visa obligations to make you eligible to apply for further process.
    • For this you need the services of professional and qualified consultants who have experience of successfully putting up business visa applications.
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