Study Loans

New Zealand Citizens are now eligible for Study Loans

The Australia Government has passed a notice to initiate a program called Higher Education Loan Programme to provide the citizens of New Zealand loans who fall under the special Visa Category and meet required criteria. This notice has been put effective from 1st January, 2016.

What is the general eligibility to get HELP loans?

Those who are SCV holders are eligible to get HELP loans. Following are the requirements that candidates need to fulfil. You need to first enter as a dependent child aged less than 18 years of age. You need to have been a resident of Australia for the past 10 years or you need to be physically present in Australia. The top benefits of HELP loan include assisting you with the upfront costs of study and make you eligible to reap the advantages of a tertiary education.

If you hold a New Zealand SCV and then are granted a permanent residency visa, your eligibility would change to that of permanent visa holder. Permanent visa holders are also eligible for commonwealth supported places but they cannot access a HELP loan for tertiary study. Permanent residents can access a FEE- HELP loan if they are undertaking specific bridging study for overseas trained professionals.

In the education sector, New Zealand citizens can access to subsidised higher education places, which are commonly known as Commonwealth Supported Places. In the training sector, the citizens of New Zealand can also access government subsidised places in states and territories.

Children who are born in Australia and whose parents are New Zealand citizens hold a special category Visa, known as SCV. They can become Australian citizens and are entitled to Australian Government Support for tertiary study. The government has also initiated orders to implement changes to allow New Zealand citizens.

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