Career in electrical field

Career in Electrical Field at St. Lawrence College, Kingston, Canada

There is a huge diversity in the electricity field.  Employers are always looking for knowledgeable and skilled individuals who can equally contribute to the development of the company. The electrical engineering technician program will provide students with the required practical and theoretical skills. These skills help students meet the demanding job challenges. The graduate of Electrical Engineering Technician Program needs to have practical and theoretical knowledge of many aspects of the electrical field.

Career Opportunities as an Electrical Engineer

  • Electrical Engineering Technician- The role of the electrical engineering technician is involved in every part of the modern society. An electrical engineering work closely to the architectural and engineering staff towards accomplishing the goals.
  • Industrial Electrician- Certified and skilled industrial electricians work in cooperation with engineers, operators and quality control technicians, to fulfil the increasing demands. The graduates of this program will get the foundational skills that facilitate companies to be successful in this budding and demanding setting.
  • Maintenance and Construction Engineer– Since the construction industry is diverse and construction site can range from anything to residential home to a nuclear generating station.

Why St. Lawrence College, Kingston?

St. Lawrence College, Kingston provide students advanced educational opportunities to flourish in their career. The college also support students with learning disabilities, medical conditions, mental health diagnosis, brain injury, vision impairment and hard of hearing.

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