New Zealand Published partner visa processing time- Tips from experienced licensed adviser as to how to get your applications processed faster.

In May 2018 Immigration New Zealand has published on their website the recent processing time for large number of visa application. As per the information available the processing time for New Zealand dependent/partner spouse visa of a student visa holder/work visa holder / resident visa holder and partner of citizen of New Zealand is between 27 days to 5 months depending upon the visa status of your partner. In case your spouse is on a student visa in New Zealand your partner visa application could take between 27 days to 74 days to be decided. The processing time for partner of a work visa holder is in between 47 days to 3 months. In case your partner is a New Zealand resident/ citizen your application could take any tine between 64 days to 5 months to be decided. This processing time is for 95% of the applications. The actual processing time depends on individual application and complexity of your case.

How to avoid delays?

As per Immigration New Zealand one of the factors on which processing time depends is the need for further information. One of the very important factors to prevent processing delays of your New Zealand spouse visa application is to present your case completely and provide all the information required for the case officer to make decision on your application. If the complete information is not submitted your application may be sent back for further information which would result in delays and maybe even refusal of your New Zealand spouse visa application. So it becomes very important to file your application as per the relevant immigration instructions.  Your application must contain enough information to assist visa officer in making decision about your application.

Other factor which may delay processing of your application is complexity of your case. If your case is complex and New Zealand  spouse visa application is not properly presented it would cause much delay. The case officer would need to get back to you for further information. Sometime if the complex case is not presented properly and the facts are not presented with supporting acceptable and verifiable documentary evidence the application may even be refused. In complex case it is of utmost importance the application is prepared taking into consideration each and every relevant aspect.

The processing time also depends on the number of other application Immigration New Zealand receives. If INZ already has large number of other applications and your application is not properly filed it may lead to delays in processing of your file.

How to pace up your application?

If your application is complete and you have everything included in your application as per your circumstances there are very good chances that your application will be processed timely. To present your case properly with INZ and provide relevant documentation you need the services of an experienced licensed Immigration Adviser licensed by Immigration Advisers Authority  who has years of experience and dealt with variety of cases. Your consultant must provide you with customised and complete New Zealand spouse visa checklist for timely processing of the application.

At West Highlander, the director Parwinder Kaur ensures that the case is prepared taking into consideration each and every aspect of the partner visa application. Ms Parwinder Kaur, one of the key personnel of West Highlander is a licensed immigration adviser licensed by Immigration Adviser Authority – IAA, New Zealand and have till date successfully  served hundreds of clients.  West Highlander is the best consultant in Chandigarh making your process of your partner visa application smooth and an easy experience.