New Zealand student visa statement of purpose

New Zealand is one of the favourite study abroad destinations among international students. There are many benefits the students get if they choose New Zealand as their study abroad destination.

In order to apply for a New Zealand student visa there are many requirements the students must meet. The students need to attach supporting documentation which show that they meet the requirements

Requirements which the students need to meet

  • English language requirements
  • Academic requirement
  • Funds requirements
  • Family income requirements
  • Health requirements
  • Character requirements

The students need to attach documentation to prove that they meet all the above said requirements.

Another very important document which must be attached with your New Zealand study visa application is your statement of purpose

Statement of purpose- SOP for NZ study visa

Statement of purpose is very crucial for your New Zealand student visa. Students must take care that they write a personalized statement of purpose and not a generic one.  Another very important part is that the statement of purpose must be prepared by the students.

Statement of purpose is an excellent way of communicating about your goals to visit New Zealand. You are going to apply for visa to New Zealand to study there. Your statement of purpose must include following points

First point in SOP for NZ student visa

The first one is about the choice of your course. Students must mention in their statement of purpose the reasons of chosen course for study in New Zealand. Here the students can mention about relevance of the course to their past Academics or any work experience they may have. Your course must be a logical progression of your present academic or any work history. If it is not a logical progression of your present profile then the case officer may have doubts about your intentions of going to New Zealand .so it is of utmost importance that you mention about the reasons of choosing your proposed course. If you feel that the course you wish to do in New Zealand is not relevant then you must give strong reasons to justify your choice of course. Statement of purpose plays a very important role here. You can convey the case officer about your reasons of choosing a particular course and how that course would help you in your career goals.

Second point in SOP for study in NZ

The second point of students may cover in their SOP is about their English language ability. New Zealand is an English speaking country. To successfully complete your course of study in New Zealand you need to have a required level of English language ability. You must mention about the English language test you may have taken like international English language testing system, Pearson test of English, test of English as a foreign language that is TOEFL.

Third point in SOP for NZ study

If you have any gaps in your academic or work history then the students must mention in their SOP about this .students must take care that the reasons of GAP must be strong enough. They must also have evidence to support their claims. If there are any unexplained gaps in your academic or work profile then this may cause problems with your application and may have negative impact on your New Zealand student visa

Fourth point in Statement of purpose for New Zealand student visa

The next point the students may mention in their statement of purpose is about their ties in their home country. They may mention about their family circumstances, their level of establishment and about the things which would encourage the students to depart New Zealand once they have successfully completed their studies.

The students here may also mention about their funds available for their study in New Zealand, about their family income sources so that the case officer can have a fairly good idea about your level of establishment in your home country.