New Pilot Pathway Program- Opens New Opportunities in New Zealand

Introduction of New Pilot Pathway Visa Program 

With the New Pilot Pathway Visa Program, international students will get an opportunity to study three consecutive programs for the period of five years in New Zealand.    Under this program, students can study 3 different programs of their choice under a single visa for the period of 5 years.  The aim of this program is to retain international students in New Zealand.  This program will last for just 18 months and will more than 500 institutions.  As per the reports, there has been significant increase in the number of students in the years 2014-2015.

Benefits of New Pilot Pathway Visa Program 

With the help of this program, students can avail numerous benefits.  They can stay up to 5 years in the New Zealand under a single visa and study up to 3 courses.  Students are also allowed to work on part time basis up to 20 hours depending upon the course into which they are enrolled in.  On the other hand, education providers will also get number of benefits. It will reduce the cost and hassle of the education providers and students will get certainty.  Students can concentrate well on their students without having to worry about extending their visa and dealing with visa applications.

Admission Requirements 

 Before applying for pathway visa, students are supposed to meet several requirements. They must get an offer of admission form from an education provider. Additionally, they must also present proofs of funds as well as maintenance costs for the first year of study. As mentioned above, the purpose of the program is to retain international students and provide them with better job opportunities.  Students will also be offered work rights from the beginning of the pathway visa.  The idea of the New Zealand government to implement such pilot pathway programme is to retain international students.

The New Zealand government would evaluate results for pilot pathway programme in the period of these 18 months.  The new pilot pathway programme is going to draw in more international students without having to get their visa extended for different programs in New Zealand.  To get more information on New Zealand Pilot Pathway Programme, you can consult the experts of West Highlander. We stay updated with the latest trends of the immigration industry to provide our clients meticulous services. The director of West Highlander- Ms Parwinder Kaur is Licensed Immigration Adviser certified by IAA-Immigration Advisers Authority (New Zealand Govt.) License no. 201002008.