Schooling in Australia

Schooling in Australia

An opportunity to study in top institutions to give a new shape to your future.


School education in Australia comprises preschool, preparatory, primary school, secondary school and senior secondary school. Schooling is up to 13 years from preparatory to senior secondary. Students have to go school at the age of 16. You can find variety of schools like government funded schools, non-government schools and schools based on educational philosophies like Montessori and Steiner.

You will see all the schools registered with the state or territory education department and regulate under government requirements like infrastructure and teacher registration.

Australian schools offer more than just educate students. Schools are focused in developing their communication skills, self- discipline and respect for themselves, confident. Students get wide curriculum in the key learning areas- Mathematics, English, Studies of society, environment, arts, science, languages other than English (LOTE), technology, health and physical education. They strongly believe in the benefits of rounded education comprising the self-expression, personal development and teamwork which usually happen outside the classroom.

Students get the chance to explore the diverse learning environment which is as personally enriching as it is educational, and enhances the skills and qualities required current scenario of modern world.

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QUALITY Education




  • Way of learning in a higher standard

    • Education in Australian schools is finest in the world. This makes the education of Australia so valuable.
    • Small-size classes with sitting arrangement of 30 students
    • Trained and Qualified teachers and specialist teachers in subject areas
    • Hi-tech facilities are available like computers and high-speed internet access
    • Extremely high achievement program which seek the brilliant students studying university-level subject for advanced credit
    • Separate learning programs for students who need additional learning support
    • Quality assurance frameworks where schools meet required standards
    • The curriculum of Australian school prepares you for future. The motive of schools is to develop students into successful learner, creative individuals, successful learners, focused, active and informed citizens. From Kindergarten to 21 years, the county’s schools focus on providing equity for every student, and making effort for excellence in all areas of education.

    The tuition fee for one year study: ranges from AUD 20000- 30000 depending on college & course.

    As per requirements of Embassy the cost of living is AUD 18610 per year.

    For Dependent – The cost of living for dependent is $ 6500.


    West Highlander is a solution-oriented company, which specializes in career pathways to suit individual profiles within the constraints that may prevail in each case. Our company has a single-minded focus, to guide students to the best possible Institutions / schools, thus facilitates them to build their future.

    West Highlander is the best consultant in Chandigarh making your process of study abroad a smooth and an easy experience.

  • Assessment methods and way of teaching

    Teachers use a variety of teaching method including teacher directed learning, group projects, presentations, research work, e-learning. They also use a variety of assessment methods to assess student outcomes. They use technology to teach students like PowerPoint, Podcast or Vodcast presentations. National and state testing program make sure standards are met and maintained.

  • School qualifications

    When your kid completes senior secondary school, he or she can sit for exams and receive an official certificate of qualification. The name of the certificate depends upon the Australian’s state-based education systems no matter what certificate is called, however it has recognization of all Australian universities, higher education and vocational education and training institutions.

    You may find several kinds of education courses and student visas in Australia and Schooling visa is one of the major categories. Government funded and Private schools are there you can choose accordingly. Preparatory is a first phase of schooling to start, followed by six years of primary school and secondary school.

    For the eligibility of this visa category, Student has to need some documents to fulfill the requirements:

    • Must enrolled in a registered Primary or secondary school
    • Have Financial & Income supporting documents
    • Must have health insurance while in Australia, Health insurance can be provided by obtaining Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) which provides medical & Health Insurance,
    • Parental permission to study in Australia (if under the age of 18)
    • Suitable arrangements for their accommodation, support and General welfare ( If under the age of 18)

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