SIT New Zealand representative visited West Highlander

An informative session with Mr. Khanin Saikia, International Marketing Officer of SIT, held at West Highlander on 18th of September, 2K18 was a markable opportunity. Mr. Saikia threw light upon the specialized facilities offered at Southern Institute of Technology. SIT is a polytechnic institution based in South Island of New Zealand. SIT has five campuses while the main campus is in Invercargill. The renowned institution offers more than 200 courses from diploma to masters degree level courses. The institution has about 1500 international students. He also mentioned about the popular courses at the institution which include Postgraduate Diploma in IT, Business Enterprise, Management, and Health Science and at Master’s level; the most demanded courses include Health Science, IT and Management. Further, he talked about scholarships offered such as free accomodation for two weeks, 4 months free accomodation for some specialised courses, etc. Another surprise for study abroad aspirants who aim to study in New Zealand is that the work permit limit has been extended to three years so as to benefit international students. Apart from these, there are lot more opportunities at the institution. The team West Highlander is very thankful to Mr. Khanin Saikia for joining us at 13th Anniversary of the company.

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