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457is the subclass of spouse/child visa and is a sponsored employer visa that permits overseas workers for working in Australian country for a period of four years. The subclass 457 of spouse/child visa is one of the common pathways for attaining the work sponsorship in Australia. This visa is useful for the workers as they can renew it after four years for another four years. This visa can be used by a skilled worker for traveling to Australia and working for their approved sponsor. This visa also can be used for bringing the family in Australia for the purpose of work or study. Stages that are required to be initiated for this visa include the decision of the employer and getting approval to sponsor. The second stage is linked to position nomination and the third stage is associated with the overseas employee applying for this visa.

If you are concluding your spouse for this visa then the main requirements are linked to the providing of a marriage certificate. But, if you are accumulating your spouse and children then you are required to deliver the copies of birth certificates which depict the name of biological parents.

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    It is significant that before applying for a visa, there should be the following of eligibility criteria as it helps in processing the application more rapidly. Fulfilling the eligibility for subclass 457 of spouse/child visa following are the requirements:

    • Police certificates are required to be given for confirming that the character is clean.
    • Relationship proofs should be provided like marriage certificate.
    • Documents should be prepared in an adequate manner.
    • Application must be lodged correctly.

    Steps that must be included in the process of subclass 457 of spouse/child visa application for the purpose of work are elaborated below for the enhanced comprehension:

    • First step associated with the spouse visa is that there should be the providing of documents appropriately.
    • Proof of relationship must be considered and provided such as birth certificates.
    • Common spouse sponsorship must be confirmed for completing the whole process.
    • Sufficient funds must be ensured for the purpose of application completion and survival purpose as well.
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