Spouse visa for Australia from India 2021: Requirements, Cost, Processing Time

Australia has been one of the most sought after countries for immigration. Due to favorable economic conditions vast numbers of applicants are applying for study and work opportunities. Australia immigration favors keeping families together due to which spouse visa for Australia from India 2021 applications are increasing. Many spouses or partners of applicants who are Australian PR holder, citizen or enrolled for study visa are planning to be with their partner.

Going forward, we will be discussing Spouse Visa for Australia from Indian 2021 requirements and complete information.

Australia Spouse Visa from India 2021

Applicants who have their partner already settled with Australia PR or are a citizen can apply for subclass 309 or spouse visa or partner visa.  As this is a temporary visa it would be your initial step for applying for Australia PR.  After applying for subclass visa 309 or Spouse visa you could stay in Australia indefinitely till the time you get Australia PR through subclass 100.  Processing time for Australia spouse visa is 19 months. One of the benefits of applying for Australia spouse, is that you could work or study without any duration limit.  Further, as the process can take around 12 months your Australia spouse visa consultant in Chandigarh, West Highlander would suggest you apply for subclass 600 or visitor visa.

Another recommendation is that you apply for subclass 309 and 100 at the same time as it can reduce your processing time in 2021.

In case your partner or spouse is studying in Australia then also you could apply for Australia student spouse visa subclass 500. Your partner already studying in Australia can sponsor you and any dependent children. You could apply for this visa at the time of the main applicant’s study visa application or later on. Consult your student visa consultant for Australia in Chandigarh to know complete requirements.

Requirements for Australia Spouse Visa from India 2021

For applicants of partners already settled in Australia-

  1. Your relationship/marriage needs to be recognized under Australian law and you should provide complete proofs for the relationship.
  2. The husband/wife/partner sponsoring you for visa subclass 309 and 100 need to meet the sponsorship requirements.
  3. Your partner cannot sponsor your application if they have sponsored 2 other people on this visa or were themselves granted partner visa on sponsorship in the last 5 years.
  4. Applicants who are planning to apply for spouse visa for Australia from Indian in 2021 under subclass 309 need to be partner, spouse or dependent of citizen of Australia or Australia PR.
  5. Partners of New Zealand citizen can also apply for this visa too.
  6. You would need to meet the eligibility requirements, medical check, police verification and value statement needs to be conducted. Your registered migration agent of Australia can guide you on the same.

 For applicants of partners already studying in Australia-

  1. For applying as partner of a student studying in Australia you could apply for spouse or dependent of the student on an Australia study permit.
  2. In case you got married to your partner post filling your application then it could be considered an exception and you could be permitted.
  3. Further, both partners should be 18 years and above and relationship should be 12 months or older.
  4. The primary applicant who is enrolling for Australia study visa needs to be accepted for the program by a recognized educational institute and you need to provide proof of education provider.
  5. The applicant for spouse visa for Australia from India 2021 needs to provide Identity documents, passport, financial documents and health insurance cover evidence.

Cost of Australia Spouse Visa from India 2021

The cost of applying for visa subclass 309 +100 for spouse visa for Australia from India 2021 is around AUD 7715. The cost of applying for spouse visa for Australia from India 2021 as student spouse visa could vary depending on the circumstance one has applied in.

Processing Time of Australia Spouse Visa from India 2021

For visa subclass 309 the processing time is 12 months for spouse visa and for visa subclass 100 which is for permanent residency the processing time is 19 months. In case of student spouse visa applicants for Australia from India the time could vary depending whether you apply along with the main applicant (for study visa) or individually.

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